Airless Spray Pump for Painting: Indoor and Outdoor

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We provide FREE Shipping for the airless pumps for indoor and outdoor painting purchased from us.

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We offer 24 Months Warranty for the airless pumps for indoor and outdoor painting purchased from us.

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Airless Spray Pump 63:1 by GritSablare


  • Portable design and rugged frame.
  • HP Spray Gun good for use up to 500 bar (7,250 psi).
  • Four Finger Spray Gun good for use up to 700 bar (10,150 psi).
  • Standard flat tips or RAC switch tips.

The system includes:

  • Paint Hose: 1 x 15M-3/8” with fittings
  • Whip end Paint Hose: 1 x -2M-1/4” with fittings
  • Hose Swivel: 1/4”(F) x 3/8”(F)
  • Gun Swivel: 1/4”(F) x 3/8”(M)
  • High Pressure Spray Gun
  • Spray Tip – Your Choice of Tip Size
  • BONUS: Head Protection Equipment


  • On site industrial and commercial coating.
  • Blast and paint contractor yard work.
  • Painting room applications.
  • In situ coating in shipyards and slipways.
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