Blasting Media Aluminium Silicate Vasilgrit®

Angular Shape

Aluminium Silicate Blast Cleaning Abrasive Vasilgrit®

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Aluminium Silicate Blast Cleaning Abrasive

  • Vasilgrit® is an aluminium silicate blast cleaning abrasive made of coal slag from coal fired power stations.
  • Technical Details: Vasilgrit® is a by-product of coal fired power plants and is an inert, natural abrasive that contains less than 0,1% free crystalline silica. Vasilgrit® is very accurately processed and sized and fully complies with ISO standards 11126-4 and 11127.
  • Uses: Vasilgrit® is designed for blast cleaning of steel and stone/concrete surfaces, removal of mill scale, rust, old paint, dirt etc. Suitable for SA-3, SA-2½ and SA-2, as well as SA-1, also called sweep blasting.
ISO Certified 11126-4
ISO Certified 11127
Content <0,1%
free silica
Ecological Product
Blasting Media
Made in EU
  • Reusable Material, up to 3 operating cycles depending on application
  • VG40 [0.2 - 0.6 mm]
  • VG60 [0.2 - 1.0 mm]
  • VG70 [0.2 - 1.4 mm]
  • VG80 [0.5 - 1.6 mm]
  • VG95 [0.2 - 2.2 mm]
  • VG110 [1.2 - 2.2 mm]
  • VG125 [0.8 - 2.2 mm]
  • VG100 [0.5 - 2.2 mm]
  • 3-ply paper bags of 25 kg, on shrinkfoiled pallets
  • Strong woven polypropylene big bags, with 4 lifting loops
  • The material must be stored in a dry place.

Aluminium Silicate Vasilgrit® Advantages


Vasilgrit® is a toxicologically certified abrasive, according to ISO 11126-4 and 11127 standards, with less than 0.1% free crystalline silica in the air to breathe.


Abrasive material suitable for all surface preparation grades: SA-1 (Light blast cleaning), SA-2 (Thorough blast cleaning), SA-2½ (Very thorough blast-cleaning) and SA-3 (Blast cleaning to white metal).


Vasilgrit® is an extremely versatile abrasive that can be used for blasting applications carried on multiple surfaces: natural stone, wood and concrete, also stainless steel and aluminum.


With approx. 7 on the Mohs scale hardness, Vasilgrit® cleans the surfaces with high efficiency in a short time, which facilitates substantial energy and time savings.


Vasilgrit® can be reused up to 3 times in different blasting and cleaning applications. In addition, it is an ecological product, which can be used for outdoor blasting.


Vasilgrit® is a high quality, safe and effective product, manufactured in the European Union, in accordance with all European safety standards, being one of the most popular choices for blasting practitioners worldwide.

Aluminium Silicate Vasilgrit® Application

Aluminium Silicate Vasilgrit® Application Shipbuilding and shiprepair
Shipbuilding and shiprepair
Surface preparation is vital when ships are to be protected by a film-forming material such as paint. Good surface preparation by using Aluminium Silicate Vasilgrit® extends the lifetime of the paint, meaning fewer maintenance intervals and therefore lower costs.

Aluminium Silicate Vasilgrit® Application Oil, gas, and petrochemical
Oil, gas, and petrochemical
Our Aluminium Silicate Vasilgrit® help you to achieve any grade of cleanliness or surface profile. Installations used in the oil and gas industry often suffer heavy corrosion. That’s why high-quality corrosion protection – in combination with proper surface preparation of the steel – is so important.

Aluminium Silicate Vasilgrit® Application Facade cleaning and monument protection
Facade cleaning and monument protection
The fine particles of Vasilgrit® Aluminum Silicate are ideal for fine blasting of building facades and historical monuments. This abrasive can be used in both wet and dry blasting to restore stone, brick or cement surfaces. Please contact us to help you choose the correct particle size of the media to ensure effective cleaning without damaging the construction.

Aluminium Silicate Vasilgrit® Application Dams, bridges and locks
Dams, bridges and locks
Aluminium Silicate Vasilgrit® is ideal for the effective removal of mill scale, rust, paint and dirt. Dams, bridges and locks often suffer heavy corrosion. That’s why high-quality corrosion protection — in combination with proper surface preparation of the steel — is so important.

Physical and Chemical Properties

Physical Properties
Shape: sharp and angular
Color: brown / black
Hardness: 7 Mohs
Specific density: 2.4 - 2.6 kg/dm3
Loose bulk density: 1.3 - 1.4 kg/dm3
Conductivity: less than 150 μS/cm
Water-soluble chlorides: less than 0.001% (m/m)
Chemical composition
SiO2: 44 - 58 % in bound form, <0,1% free crystalline silica
Al2O3: 21 - 32 %
Fe2O3: 6 - 12 %
CaO: 3 - 10 %
K2O: 1 - 6 %
MgO: 1 - 4 %
TiO: 0 - 3 %
Na2O: 0 - 3 %
Altele: urme
ISO Standard 11126-4 Certified
ISO Standard 11127 Certified
Certificat ISO 11126-4 – Preparation of steel substrates before application of paints and related products - Specifications for non-metallic blast-cleaning abrasives.
Certificat ISO 11127 – Preparation of steel substrates before application of paints and related products - Test methods for non-metallic blast-cleaning abrasives.
Ecological Product
All tests made on the Aluminium Silicate Vasilgrit® categorised the product as non-toxic. All the analysed parameters scored below the toxicity levels imposed by the law.

User Safety

Aluminium Silicate Vasilgrit® is a safe, ecologic and stable material. It does not need special attention while handled. Wearing personal protection equipment is necessary, as well as avoiding eye contact. Storing this material does not require special conditions. All it needs is a good air ventilation in the storage space.

In case of inhalation, the affected person must be taken out, to fresh air, and kept in a comfortable position so he/she can breathe properly. If he/she has difficulties breathing, oxygen can be administered. If he/she stops breathing, CPR manoeuvres can be performed. In this case, a medical intervention is also necessary.

Avoid direct contact with the skin. If your skin entered in direct contact with this abrasive material, you must wash the affected area with clean water for 20 minutes. Use a soft soap and clean water.

In case of ingestion, a doctor’s intervention is necessary. All treatments applied to the victim must take into account the symptoms showed by that victim.

Avoid walking through the material and always wear personal protective equipment. In case of leakages, one must insulate the area on an approximately 25 meters radius in all directions. It is forbidden to spill this material in water. Please avoid dust. Use professional vacuum cleaners to clean the area.

This material comprises silicate crystals and/or quartz. According to the IARC Monographs for assessing the hazards posed by chemical substances to people, this material bears a potential risk of cancer.

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