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Sodium Bentonite for foundry, drills

Blasting Materials distributed by GritSablare are characterized by outstanding quality. This quality is reflected in an above-average service life, a very high productivity and value retention.

Sodium Bentonite for Foundry, Drills

  • High quality Sodium Bentonite obtained from premium bentonite mineral clays, with rich content of montmorillonite, an ideal additive for foundry industry, drilling, construction;
  • Uses: binder in casting molding mixtures drilling fluids preparation to lubricate and cool the cutting tools, to remove cuttings, and to help prevent blowouts oil refinery groundwater barrier slurry walls in modern construction electrical grounding sealing in pottery to make the clay mixture more plastic for decolorizing various mineral, vegetable, and animal oils for clarifying wine, liquor, cider, beer, mead, and vinegar.
Ecological Product
  • PREMIUM Bentonite,
    origin of Argentina
  • SUPER-BOND Bentonite,
    origin of India
  • PREMIUM Bentonite
    Extra-fine size:
    Sieve Analysis 200 Mesh (0,053mm): ~0.5%
  • SUPER-BOND Bentonite
    Super-fine size:
    Sieve Analysis 200 Mesh (0,053mm): ~20%
  • Big Bags of 1350 Kg
  • Bags of 25 Kg (Moisture Proof Paper Bags)
  • The material must be stored in a dry place.

PREMIUM Bentonite

  • The PREMIUM Bentonite provided by GritSablare is extracted from the montmorillonit mines in Argentina. Our product comes from the volcanic ashes clays that are found around the Pellegrini Lake. In millions of years, under special environmental conditions, our PREMIUM bentonite has become one of the best Natural Sodium Bentonite in the world. Due to a careful selection and a specialized process of extraction and grinding, our bentonite has unique characteristics and high efficiency: rich montmorillonite content, excellent cationic exchange and swelling capacity.
  • The PREMIUM Bentonite offered by GritSablare is the best sodium bentonite in the world that can be used as binder in foundry industry. It provides great thermal stability and excellent resistance & tensile strength, to ensure the best quality for the product.
  • Our PREMIUM Bentonite registers superior values when compared to other products, including the Wyoming scale of bentonitic products.

Excellent Strength

More durable

High Thermal Stability

Methylene Blue Adsorption
Green Compression Strength
Wet Tensile Strength

SUPER-BOND Bentonite

  • The SUPER-BOND Bentonite offered by GritSablare is extracted from carefully selected clays with high montmorillonite content in India, with superior mechanical and compressive strength.
  • Highest green compression strength
  • High swelling/wet tensile strength
  • Develops sharp, strong mould in foundry industry
  • Good bond development and easy mulling
  • High swelling capacity for drill fluids
  • Wide moisture tolerance

Physical and Chemical Properties

Physical Properties: PREMIUM Bentonite Argentina SUPER-BOND Bentonite India
Green Compression Strength: 13,0 min (N/cm2) 1100 la 1800 gram/cm2
Wet Tensile Strength: 0,31 min (N/cm2) > 0.35 la < 0.50 N/cm2
Methylene Blue Adsorption original (mL /0,5g): 56 min. -
Methylene Blue Adsorption, 550 o.C (mL /0,5g): 42 min. -
Methylen Blue Value (MBV): - 410 Min
Thermal Stability (%): 75 min. -
Swelling: 40 min. (mL/2,0g) 33 - 36 (2 gm / 100 ml)
Moisture (%): 08 - 12 12% Max
Retention #200 (%): 08 max -
Compactability (%): 47 +/- 1 -
pH: 6,6 - 7,8 8 - 10,5
Gelling Time at 10% (min): - 0 - 60 seconds
Gel Formation Index: - 90 - 100
Loss on Ignition (LOI): - < 10 %
Chemical Composition (%): PREMIUM Bentonite Argentina SUPER-BOND Bentonite India
SiO2: 57,8 45 - 55
Al2O3: 18 14 - 19
Fe2O3: 4,41 11 - 19
TiO2: 0,22 0,8 - 4
CaO: 0,99 0,7 - 2,4
MgO: 2,78 1,9 - 3,6
Na2O: 2,91 1,6 - 3,2
K2O: 0,39 0,12 - 0,3
MnO: <0,10 -
P.F.: 11,8 -


Montmorillonite Clays
Montmorillonite Clays
  • High quality sodium bentonite: mineral clay resulted from the alteration of volcanic ashes, with rich montmorillonite content. Bentonite is a soft and durable clay, with a greasy aspect. The colour varies depending on the natural pigments it contains, from white to gray, with pink and cream variations;
  • The outstanding properties of the bentonite recommend this product to be an extremely useful material in many industries:
    • It increase the tensile strength and permeability of the molding sands, in foundry industry;
    • Ideal for the preparation and conditioning of drilling fluids (due to its thixotropic features and high suspension stability);
    • Groundwater barrier for drilling wells and water sealing for underground constructions;
    • Oil and oil derivates refinery (due to its high adsorption and absorption capacity).

Bentonite Application

Binder in moulding sands in foundry industry
Casting defects: open holes and blowholes
Casting defects: open holes and blowholes
Casting defects: porosity
Casting defects: porosity
Casting defects: scabbing
Casting defects: scabbing
Casting defects: rough surface
Casting defects: rough surface

Sodium bentonite is one of the most commonly used foundry-sand binder in iron and steel foundries.

  • High Swelling and Wet Tensile strength helps for exceptional resistance to expansion and permeability of moulding sands to avoid casting defects like porosity, blow holes and open holes, scabbing, rough surface.
  • Unlike other clays, bentonite is up to three times more efficient, when used as a foundry-sand bond in iron and steel foundries, which leads to a reduction of the additive in the furnace in order to obtain the same tensile strength and permeability of the mould.
  • Our Bentonite has characteristics of smooth, quick & uniform dispersal during dry mixing of sand mix which reduces binder addition & Sand Mixing/ Mulling Time.
Drilling fluids

Sodium bentonite is a major component for the drilling fluids in oil and gas industry.

  • It is used in drilling for the preparation and conditioning of drilling fluids. Bentonite is the most used material to increase the viscosity of the drilling fluid.
  • Bentonite is a thixotropic material, which allows the water-bentonite mixture to take on the characteristics of a gel when in resting state, and to become liquid again when the mixture is stirred, the gel being reversible.
  • The water-bentonite mixture in gel state allow the isolation of the drilling fluid in the well, ensuring the vertical stability of the trench, preventing it from collapsing.
Filter cake from slurry
Filter cake from slurry
Drilling wells
Drilling wells
Ecological Product
All tests made on the bentonite categorised the product as ecological. All the analysed parameters scored below the toxicity levels imposed by the legislation.

Bentonite Uses

Groundwater barrier
Used for waterproofing for grounded tanks, tunnels and ditches, groundwater barrier and isolation of water floods using a mix of cement, sand and bentonite.

Electrical grounding sealing
Electrical grounding sealing
Due to its thixotropic and waterproofing properties, bentonite is successfully used for electrical grounding sealing.

Absorbent for cat litter
Absorbent for cat litter
Bentonite is natural clay and an ecological material that becomes solid in the presence of moisture, absorbing the odour and surrounding the faeces, being an ideal material for cat litter.

Paints, varnishes, inks
Paints, varnishes, inks
Thickening agent for paints, varnishes, inks.

Food Industry
Food Industry
Decolorizing agent for various mineral, vegetable, and animal oils and for clarifying wine, liquor, cider, beer, mead, and vinegar.
PREMIUM Bentonite or SUPER-BOND Bentonite. What do you choose?


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