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Pressure Fan: Mobile - Gläsner HL

Pressure Fan: Mobile - Gläsner HL


  • Suitable for all common blast-media, mobile version, with one axis, two solid rubber wheels and a frame to relocate the system.
  • Fully automatic remote control (dead man’s handle) with manual-operated valve and control line, installed, for models of 60, 100, 140 and 200 litres capacity.
  • Sandblaster head protection cover included, model S6.
  • Fully equipped for immediate operation.

Technical details:

  • The top side of the pressure pot works as a filling sinkhole
  • Automatic filling valve
  • Closable inspection plate
  • Blast media volume adjustment-unit
  • Pipes R 1 ¼”
  • Pressured-air stop valve
  • Pressured-air entry-coupling
  • Air-taking device for protective hood
  • Tank coupling R 1 ¼” to connect blast hose
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  • Metallic Pieces
  • Car Parts
  • Brick Walls
  • Agriculture
  • Fences
  • Marble
  • Glass
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Gläsner MEGA CLEAN High Performance Pressure-Blasting

Gläsner MEGA CLEAN High Performance Pressure-Blasting


  • The dustless high performance pressure-blasting recirculation system for professional use on the building site or in the workshop.
  • Its advantage is its closed blasting-agent cycle, which allows dustless working (of particular interest for blasting work on objects already installed).
  • Fully equipped for immediate operation.
Complete set of 9 blasting nozzles


Complete set of 9 blasting nozzles for MEGA CLEAN.

Technical details:

  • Mobile chassis, (W x D x H =1.120 x 560 x 1.700 mm weight approx 115 kg)
  • With attached blasting pot and media silo. Capacity of blasting pot and silo approx. 18 litres each max. operating pressure 8 bar
  • Vacuum cleaner with accessories
  • Blast media dosing valve SA ½“ removable sieve insert
  • Pre-separator
  • Water separator ½ “ HMS
  • Compressed air supply with KAG 12 air coupling
  • Blast head EDBH50
  • Pressure blast nozzle made of boron carbide with 4,5 mm diameter, flat brush nosepiece
  • Connection hoses between blasting pot 7 silo and blast head
  • PVC suction hose 41 mm with couplings
  • Blast hose 13 x 7,5 mm
  • Pneumatic foot-switch to control the blasting process
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  • Tanks
  • Ships
  • Industry
  • Pipeline
  • Bridges
  • Facades
  • Metal
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