Blasting Protection Equipment

Blasting Helmet TITAN II by GritSablare

  • The latest generation of the TITAN respirator series conforms to the following PPE standards:
    European CE: EN14594: 2018 Class 4B.
    Australia and New Zealand: AS/NZS 1716:2003
  • Breathing air quality requirements will vary by region:
    NIOSH – Grade D
    European CE – EN12021
    Australia and New Zealand: AS/NZS1715
  • Rigid outer shell with additional rear reinforcement.
  • Air flow indicator to warm of low/inadequate air supply
  • Multi-directional AccoustiFlex Breathing Tube
  • Removable and washable inner padding, collar and cape.
  • Improved carry strap
  • Replacement outer and inner lens available
  • Lightweight – only 2.3 kg (5.07 lbs).

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Titan Blasting Helmet Certificat CE Approval

Certificat CE Approval German - EN14594: 2018 Class 4B

Aurora LED Helmet Mounted Blast Light by GritSablare

  • The Aurora Helmet Mounted Blast Light by GritSablare utilizes an LED type lamp and is designed to be retrofitted to most blast helmets in the market today.
  • The light is mounted to the helmet using a heavy industrial hook and loop strip with a deformable steel strap and bracket assembly. The light mounting is fully adjustable ensuring that the light is targeted where required by the operator.
  • Supplied with a 3.7 Volt re-chargeable Lithium-Ion battery, the light will provide more than 20 hours of operation at 1300-1000Lx of illumination on a single charge and can be used with virtually any abrasive blasting application where there is poor ambient light.
  • The LED lamp is virtually maintenance free and is safer as it generates no heat and provides much higher levels of illumination when compared with conventional type lamps.
  • A replaceable glass lens is provided to protect the lamp from the blasting action and simple heavy duty bayonet type cable connectors are used to connect the cables.
  • The unit comes with a battery pouch that fits to the operators’ helmet air cooling/flow controller waist belt, allowing the battery to be easily inserted or removed from the pouch.
  • Optional Battery Charges are available to suit various power supplies, the battery has a service life of up to 500 cycles.

Blasting Helmet SPARTAN by GritSablare

  • SPARTAN by GritSablare is an economic respirator helmet designed to protect blasting operations from health hazards.
  • Impact resistant polyethylene outer shell.
  • Molded shape evenly disperses incoming air around operator’s head, face and neck for maximum operator comfort.
  • Inner foam provides comfort and noise suppression.
  • Tough nylon outer cape with removable and washable inner neck band.
  • Double layer inner/outer lenses with quick and easy replacement.
  • Suitable for all abrasive blasting applications.
  • Replacement outer lenses available in packs of 100, inner lenses in packs of 20.
  • Protection from rebounding abrasive, dust, debris and excessive noise levels.

Blasting Helmet COSMO by GritSablare

  • The Cosmo Supplied Air Respirator Helmet is designed to protect the blasting operator from rebounding abrasive, dust, debris and excessive noise levels generated from the abrasive blasting process.
  • The Cosmo Supplied Air Respirator Series is approved to the stringent Australian & New Zealand Standards AS/NZS1716:2003.
  • The Cosmo Supplied Air Respirator Helmet weighing only at 3.2kg (7lbs) is supplied standard with noise suppression Breathing Tube, Air Flow Indicator providing assurance for the operator on air flow to the Supplied Air Respirator is within regulatory Specification.
  • Rigid bright Safety Red polyethylene molded outer shell and washable/removable Nylon Inner Collar and Outer Cape providing visibility and protection.
  • Front flow air dispersion system with Air Flow indicator maximizing operator comfort and lens visibility.
  • Protective rim on outer shell, accompanied by sealing band and O-ring, eliminating abrasives and dust ingress.
  • Quick release Window frame with 3 layers of protection; Outer Tear Off Lenses, Intermediate Lens and Inner Lens.
  • Adjustable head harness ensuring proper fitment.
  • Helmet Strap Handle for easy handling and storage.
  • Noise suppression Breathing Tube supplied as standard.
  • Suitable for all abrasives blasting operations.
  • Supplied with Air Flow Controller and waist belt.

Sandblaster Protective Hood Model S5 Panorama

  • With air connector
  • Made of glass reinforced plastic helmet with sound absorbing rebound protection of elastic rubber, rubberized body protection made of sturdy textile and quickrelease coupling
  • Low weight, very good fitting even during extreme movements, above-average lifespan, very sturdy
  • Sturdy and precise adjustment valve, valve holder with belt and pressured-air hose connector 9 mm l. W.
  • Large Panorama window made of plastic, as well as safety window allow for best view

Full Face Painting Mask GS550 by GritSablare

  • Full Face Painting Mask for head protection during painting works.
  • Application: Painting works
  • Applicable fields: Various Industrial fields where organic vapors are generated, such as chemical plant, shipyards, steel mills, etc.
  • Features:
    Direct connection
    Full face covering
    Film winding
    Lens replacement type
  • Lens - Polycarbonate, Inside: Anti-fog treated, Outside: Hard coated, Size: 110x192 mm and Thickness: 1.0T
  • Film - Thickness: 50μm, Width: 110 mm
  • Cartridge - Low Concentration and Organic Vapors

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Full Face Painting Mask GS550 by GritSablare

Blasting Protection Equipment Gloves Model T+

Sandblaster Protection Gloves Model "T+"

  • Made of rubber, with oversized gauntlets Ø 18,5 cm, 5-Finger-version, total length 60 cm

Protective Gloves: Impact, Premium Quality

Protective Gloves: Impact, Premium Quality

  • Palm made with black Synthetic leather
  • With Orange color cotton spandex cloth laminated with foam backs stretch to allow full freedom of movement
  • Specially placed thermoplastic rubber pads at back of hand protect against knocks without creating stiffness
  • Black PU piping

Protective Gloves: Mechanic, Premium Quality

Protective Gloves: Mechanic, Premium Quality

  • Palm made with black Synthetic leather
  • With Grey color cotton spandex cloth laminated with foam backs stretch to allow full freedom of movement
  • Velcro tabs at the back of the wrist and a soft nylon side panel for a snug fit
  • PU strap
  • Red cotton piping

Knitted Protective Gloves, Nitrile Coated

Knitted Protective Gloves, Nitrile Coated, Premium Quality

  • We provide knitted protective gloves, nitrile coated, premium quality
  • High protection for many applications: automotive industry, construction, light industry and metals, maintenance works, scaffold erection.

Sandblaster Protective Suit

Sandblaster Protective Suit (Overalls)

  • Sandblaster protective suit made from cotton and leather, with a thickness of 1.4 mm, DuPont USA origin stitching, size L / XL / XXL
  • Including high-quality sandblasting gloves
  • Choose between variants: Sandblaster protective suit: overalls (1 piece), or jacket and pants (2 pieces)
  • Weight 3,8 kg

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