Blasting Grit: a Professional Blasting Material, Recommended for Blasting Oil and Gas Pipelines

Abrasive Blasting Grit for Oil and Gas Pipes

Blasting oil and gas pipelines is particularly important as it ensures for them an optimum functionality, for longer periods of time. Also, blasting the inner walls of pipes significantly improves their efficiency. Lately, blasting of exterior and inner walls of oil and gas pipelines has become an industry standard.

Blasting inner walls of pipes allows a smooth flow of liquids and gas through pipes, thus increasing their efficiency and operability. Studies in the area show that inner walls of oil and gas pipes affected by rust and corrosion have less flow capacity rather than the walls maintained by blasting operations. Even a slight increase in the pipes' operability means growth in financial figures and company's profitability.

Corrosion is a major obstacle in pipes' operability both for long and short periods of time. Whenever a rusty and corroded pipe is filled, for example, with sea water, the damage on it is major, leading to its deterioration and, ultimately, the need of fully replacing it, which requires a financial effort increased from the companies. The most effective way to ensure long service life and increased operability for oil and gas pipelines is blasting them with professional blasting materials. Abrasive blasting grit is one of the most recommended material for blasting oil and gas pipelines, both on their outside and inside walls thereof.

Abrasive blasting grit is the most efficient material for open space blasting. It is particularly effective in removing impurities and dirt formed on pipes as a result of corrosion caused by climatic factors (oxygen in the air, rain) and corrosion caused by chemical factors (chemicals, smoke). Thus, it effectively removes rust and dirt accumulated on pipes in time and other impurities that negatively affect the durability life of oil and gas pipelines.

Although less visible, another type of corrosion occurs when using together dissimilar metals. New metal is anodic to old metal, a highly stressed metal is anodic to a less stressed metal. Also, mill scale is a major obstacle for new metals, once it detaches and falls, thus leaving the metal exposed to all types of factors of corrosion. In these circumstances, blasting new oil and gas pipelines is becoming a necessity and the abrasive blasting grit provides excellent properties for preservation of these types of surfaces and for any type of metal joinery used in industry, regardless of their anodic index.

Being an ecological material, the abrasive grit does not rise any environmental issue for open space blasting, fact that is a major advantage for oil and gas industry, which on the one hand, must lead multiple maintenance operations for the entire pipelines infrastructure to minimize the risk of damage, but also, on the other hand, must meet a variety of environmental standards by the very nature of its activities. Considering that the attention of international regulators and environmental organizations is continuously focused on the industry, a lower negative impact of its activities on the environment is a major plus and a benefit for all the parties involved.

The blasting grit distributed by though its authorized companies is a non-toxic material both for the environment and the human health, recording values that scored below the toxicity levels imposed by the United States Agency for Environment Protection. Under normal handling and use conditions, the product has no negative impact on human health and the environment, being certified by LGA company Qualitest GmbH in Germany. It is a safe product because it does not contain any heavy metals or other substances with harmful effects on human health. Further, this material is economical and its use leads to significant decreases in the subsequent expenditures as it provides a long term and effective protection of pipelines infrastructure used in the oil and gas industry.

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