What to consider when choosing the right protective blasting equipment

Protection helmet for blasting

When conducting an efficient blasting process, one should consider the importance of the human factor in the blasting operations, along with the efficiency of the blasting equipment and the quality of the blasting materials that are to be used in the process. Being rather a difficult area, with a high level of complexity, the expertise, the protection and the comfort of the operator during blasting processes play a key role in ensuring that the worker performs the tasks in a timely and efficient manner.

Blasting protection equipment is particularly important to protect the human operator's health against dust, noise and injuries. It is recommended that the protective equipment be composed of: blasting hood (protective helmet), blasting gloves and blasting suit, along with a number of blasting accessories that are recommended, especially: fresh air supplier (air purifier) for breathing and helmet air heating. All these elements protect the operator's health and improve the work conditions.

The blasting hood (protective helmet) is of major importance in protecting the worker's health against noise, dust and the aggressive action of blasting agents outside. When choosing a blasting hood, several factors should be taken into account.

What level of protection is required?

An effective blasting hood should be manufactured using high quality materials with great impact resistance and should also comply with applicable legislation, such as OSHA (US) and / or ANSI. ANSI (International Protection Equipment Association) classifies the blasting helmets either in Class C or Class G. Class G helmets are slightly higher ranked than class C helmets as they are to be used in environments with electrical risks.

Where are the blasting operations performed?

When the blasting operations are carried out in narrow spaces, one should consider purchasing an ergonomic blasting helmet that allows access where is necessarily. Narrow spaces also mean low visibility, therefore a helmet that is designed to rotate with user's head is particular useful in such cases.

How long does it take to carry out the blasting operations?

In case of blasting operations that take a lot of time, the operator's comfort is to be considered. Choose a protective helmet that has an equal distribution of its weight on the operator's head, neck and shoulders, otherwise the additional effort will make the operator feel tired, therefore his efficiency will be significantly reduced. Further, consider a helmet that provides fresh air around the user's face, head, neck and breathing zone, using a fresh air supplier (air purifier).

Visibility during blasting works is another factor with impact on the operating time. A blasting hood must ensure good visibility to the worker and this is achieved through the observation window that can be rectangular or panoramic. Use replaceable tear-off lenses to protect the glass at exterior. There is also the possibility to apply several layers of tear-off lenses that can be detached one by one, using the thick blasting protective gloves, therefore without interrupting the blasting process.

Further, continuous noise affect human health and the ability to work, so choosing a noise proof helmet is an option to consider.

What temperatures are recorded during the blasting operations?

Air control is also of major importance when choosing the right blasting helmet. When the worker performs blasting operations during the cold seasons, the breathing air should be heated otherwise there is a major risk to incur respiratory diseases and sinusitis. Further, during the hot seasons, the air should be cooled to avoid overheating. Helmet air heating / cooling devices can be separately purchased and work using air compressors.

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