GritSablare: What Makes the Difference between a Profitable Business and a Non-Profitable Business in Blasting Industry?

GritSablare: What Makes the Difference between a Profitable Business and a Non-Profitable Business in Blasting Industry?

Profit is the main objective of every entrepreneur, either if he is new in business or already has some experience in the field, regardless the size of his company or the area covered by his business at a local, national or international level. Further, profit is a reward and also a culmination of his efforts on the difficult path of the market economy.

However, not every business is profitable. Although there are so many self-development programmes and motivational workshops that propose more or less „safe” recipes to profit, the truth is that there is no safe way that leads to success, without hesitation, as every business is a unique entity determined by numerous variables and characteristics. What makes the difference between a profitable business and a non-profitable business is a complex mechanism, where the sum of parts matters more than parts taken individual, and where there is a great synergy of expertise, ideas, will, effort and men.

Considering the current dynamics of societies and the progress registered during time in almost every aspect of the human life, we now can image that the challenges an entrepreneur has to face during present time are incomparable with what was in the past. Today, almost every business is faced with fierce competition and a business conglomerate trend that emerge into large monopoles, which are difficult to overcome and rival with, as they are conducted by large financial machineries and a real army of experts in marketing, psychology, consumerism, mass-behaviour, real needs and artificial, that are continuously pursuing costumers in every way possible: buyer cards, loyalty points, interest-free instalments or interest rates, more or less real discounts, endless promotions... the profit being the main objective either for these giants, but for the smallest entrepreneurs also.

What do we believe – at GritSablare – that makes the difference between a profitable business and a non-profitable business? Considering our expertise of more than 23 years as entrepreneur, and also our leadership at national level in the area of blasting materials and equipment, we came to conclusion that the difference between success or failure in business is given by a humane approach to business, where the customer is not seen as a resource to be financially exploited, but constantly practicing a fair and comprehensive vision that places the customer at the rank of a long-term business partner, in a beneficial relationship for all the parties involved.

This vision is the catalyst of our entire business, and the basis of all decisions made in our company regarding business growth and investment. In this regard:

  • We considered all the requirements and challenges that our customers are facing in the industrial field of blasting and surface preparation, and we have responded to these needs by actively involving in finding the most economical and viable solutions, by participating in national and international fair exhibitions, where we identified new and modern blasting materials, innovative technologies and professional equipment used in this industrial field. In this regard, we share all our knowledge and know-how with our clients, and further, we also make available these technologies to our customers through our commercial offers, in order to meet all our customers’ needs and requirements in the blasting field.
  • We are our customers' partner not only by providing them innovative blasting materials, but also by recovering and recycling blasting waste resulting from their applications. The legal framework in Romania requires blasting waste recovery and traceability, in accordance with the provisions of the law. According to these provisions, we offer free recovery service for blasting waste to all our customers, while our company is bearing the fees for every tonne of blasting waste recovered, in accordance with the Environmental Permit number 37 DD of 11.04.2017, code number 120101. In addition, our concern to identify an efficient recovery method for blasting waste that is both decreasing the amount of waste and also the recovery costs, had lead us to an efficient solution, namely a system of two equipments that work in tandem: (1) Pow Air Vac (PAV) by GritSablare is a blasting waste vacuum cleaner that can recover up to 1000 kg of blasting waste per hour, which is further recycled using (2) the ProFlo by GritSablare blasting recycling system that can clean up to 3000 kg of abrasive waste per hour, for further reusing cycles in blasting applications. Thus, through recovery and recycling, the number of applications of blasting materials increases allowing substantial savings and cost reductions, but also a lower impact on the environment.
  • Our commercial offer include a wide range of consumables and spare parts for our blasting installations and cabinets (blasting nozzles and water induction nozzles, abrasive metering valves), blasting accessories (blasting hoses, air hoses, blasting guns, remote controls, fresh air purifiers, air heating devices for blasting helmets, halogen blasting lamps), and also professional blasting protective equipment (multiple types of blasting helmets with rectangular or panoramic observation window, blasting suits with durable blasting gloves), which, not in rare cases, is provided for free for our partner customers.
  • We are not trying to attract customers by offering price discounts because, in most cases, a price reduction hides the poor quality of the product, or a normal selling price that was artificial increased right before the promotional period. We, at GritSablare, rather than attracting customers through dizzying discounts, we prefer to offer for free an accessory or a spare part, that brings real added value for our customers in their blasting applications. In fact, all the items that we offer for free have a history behind, a confirmation of our long-term partnership, being essentially the merit of our customer that won those bonuses, as nothing is really free in this world, but can only be translated into something that is easier to obtain.

A long-term partnership with a prospect can easily start from a meeting or by showing interest in the vast area of blasting and surface preparation field, a field that we also invite you to discover, either though consulting the articles on our website’ blog, either by addressing questions and comments to us directly. We share with our customers all the know-how we acquired in the field during years of expertise, and we provide latest technologies, professional blasting equipment, and environmentally friendly and efficient abrasive materials, such as: chromium alloyed steel shots, angular steel grit, red garnet, copper slag, olivine, glass beads, white-fused aluminium oxide (electrocorundum), brown fused aluminium oxide, stainless steel shots, stainless steel grit. We offer our partners a full package of advantages, supporting long-term profitable business relations for all the parties involved. Join us for sustainable solutions for blasting and cleaning!

We provide first-class quality products, build long term relationships and develop strong connections with our clients


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