GritSablare provides for Free 2 Tonnes of Angular Blasting Grit or 200 Kg of Brown Fused Aluminium Oxide for the Acquisition of a Blasting Equipment, made in Germany

Professional Blasting Equipment

A start-up for entrepreneurs in metal industry is a business idea with a major potential of growth. Either it's a ironworks shop or a reinforced iron shop, a specialized company on metal surface treatment, or even a car service, what is common to all of these, it's the necessity of surface treatment against corrosion which is producing some of the most significant financial losses in the sector.

Following a study by George F. Hays, General Manager of World Corrosion Organization, it was found that the global financial losses due to the negative impact of corrosion on metal surfaces are about 3% of the Gross Domestic Product, at international level. This study draws attention on the urgency of anti-corrosion surface treatments on metal surfaces to avoid the negative impact of the rust and corrosion.

One of the most efficient methods of removing corrosion on the metal surfaces is blasting them with an abrasive media. When blasted, any debris are removed from the metallic surfaces, like: rust, layers of dust and dirt accumulated on time passing, old layers of paint. After the blasting, the metal is clean, bright and well prepared for any anti-corrosion coatings: primers and paints. Blasting is performed with specialized blasting equipments, which can be found, mainly, in two types: mobile blasting installations for outdoor, and blasting cabinets for indoor.

GritSablare is the official partner of Gläsner in Romania and is the sole distributor of Gläsner blasting equipment, made in Germany at the highest technical quality standards. A Gläsner blasting equipment is a benchmark in the blasting industry considering more than 40 years experience in the blasting industry. GritSablare distributes a wide range of professional blasting equipments, as follows:

  • Mobile blasting installations for outdoor: (1) injection pressure fan HL by GritSablare and (2) MEGA CLEAN by GritSablare High Performance Pressure-Blasting with no dust, both of the models being available in many dimensions,
  • Blasting cabinets for indoor: (1) Suction Blast Cabinets: Blasting Cabinet - ECONOMIC by GritSablare, (2) Suction Blast Cabinets: Blasting Cabinet - SUPER BABY by GritSablare and (3) Pressure Blast Systems: Blasting Cabinet - DSK-ECO by GritSablare, available in many dimensions, and
  • Gläsner blasting chambers, manufactured on demand, in accordance with every company's requirements.

GritSablare, distributor of Gläsner blasting equipment and professional blasting abrasives materials has an attractive offer package for the acquisition of a blasting equipment:

  • 2 Tonnes of Angular Blasting Grit for FREE, for the acquisition of a Gläsner blasting installation for outdoor. More details, here;
  • 200 Kg of Brown Fused Oxide Aluminium for FREE, for the acquisition of a Gläsner blasting cabinet for indoor. More details, here;
  • No Interest Installment Plan;
  • Extended due dates for payments, up to 365 days;
  • FREE shipping in Romania.

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