GritSablare, Sustainable Solutions for Blasting & Cleaning

GritSablare is a national leader in supplying professional blasting materials for the Romanian companies that carry out surface treatment activities prior to painting and priming. Blasting is a basic step for surface treatment and has many applications in the industry, like: cleaning old paint and rust coatings on the tanks in the oil and gas industry, removing mill scale on new metal parts, deburring, cleaning stainless steel tanks in the food industry, creating patterns and special textures on wood and glass surfaces, metal finishing and polishing, shot peening for metal surfaces, cleaning concrete surfaces and wood fences, restoration of brick facades on buildings, cleaning medical and laboratory equipment.

Considering the large number of blasting application in the industry, it was registered a growing need for using a large number of blasting agents with different properties to ensure that all blasting operations are carried out under best conditions, regardless the surface to be prepared.

Understanding the needs of the Romanian market regarding the types of blasting agents required for effective blasting operations, GritSablare is helping the companies that act in this field by supplying a large number of professional blasting materials, ecological and non-toxic (with less than 0,1% free silica released in the breathing air), that are widely recognised and used internationally. With more than 10 years experience in blasting materials, GritSablare has an extensive know-how in the field, offering advisory for the companies that carry out blasting operations and also providing effective and economical blasting solutions, regardless the type of blasting operations that need to be carried out. In accordance with the mission that GritSablare has assumed starting with its establishment, namely: "Sustainable Solutions for Blasting & Cleaning", the company is providing to its partners many types of blasting agents, with different grain sizes, covering both ranges of premium and standard products. The company understands this way to provide the blasting solution at the optimum price for every blasting work that needs to be carried out.

The company's values include efficiency and transparency, values that are pursued in the business relationship with its trading partners. By efficiency, the company understands to provide large volumes of blasting materials, in the shortest time possible to avoid dead times in the operating process of its partners. Further, the company applies a transparent method for cost calculation over long periods of time, offering loyalty discounts for extra quantities acquired, extended due dates for payments and hire purchase methods with no interest installment plans. These advantages ensure the company with long term business relationships with its trading partners.

In addition to the wide range of blasting materials supplied, including: premium steel grit and premium steel shots (for blasting and shot peening hard surfaces like granite and steel, in blasting cabinets), stainless steel grit and stainless steel cut wire shots (for blasting surfaces that do not allow ferrous contamination, like aluminum, stainless steel, copper), white fused aluminium oxide, brown fused aluminium oxide and red garnet for open space blasting with no ferrous contamination, copper slag for outdoor blasting and glass beads for cleaning and blasting fine instruments, in pharmaceutics and aeronautics, GritSablare is the sole distributor of Gläsner blasting equipment, made in Germany, at the highest industry standards: blasting chambers and blasting cabinets, outdoor blasting installations, blasting protection equipment, blasting devices for fine works, consumables and accessories.

We provide first-class quality products, build long term relationships and develop strong connections with our clients


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