How to choose a Professional Blasting Cabinet for your works

Professional Blasting Cabinets

The blasting cabinets are an ideal option for complex and fast blasting operations. There are several types of blasting cabinets available on the market, but when choosing a good one you should consider all the present and/or future features that you need for your blasting works. The blasting cabinets are successfully used for many surface preparation operations, such are blasting, shot peening, cleaning dust and old layers of paint, finishing and brightening, deburring, being used in many industrial activities, workshops and mechanics, car services, agricultural farms and many others.

A cabinet dimension is a first important factor that should be considered when choosing a blasting cabinet. A cabinet must be large enough to allow blasting works for pieces of different sizes. For an efficient blasting operation, the operated parts must fit into the cabinet while leaving some empty space up to the monitoring window. For example, a car service should consider a cabinet large enough to fit and clean engine parts, combustion chambers, distributors and other pieces. The car rims made of steel are rusting quite often, and therefore can be cleaned very quickly using the blasting cabinets.

The weight of the operated parts is another important factor that you should consider when choosing an efficient blasting cabinet. A professional blasting cabinet can support loads up to 250 kg, while cabinets with higher loads can be provided on demand. In case of a heavy load, it is recommended to mount a rotating plate on the cabinet to easily blast all sides of a piece that otherwise would be difficult to handle. Further, the sectional door should open wide enough to give access to the complete work area, being crane-accessible as well, in case of works carried out in a building site.

Other factor that needs attention is the length of the operated parts. A professional blasting cabinet has side openings sealed with rubber gaskets that can be opened when necessary to allow blasting long pieces, like ploughs and seeders, crankshaft for tractors and harvesters and other parts in case of an agricultural farm. A correct sealing of the side openings is of major importance in order to avoid producing dust during blasting when the openings must be kept closed.

A professional blasting cabinet has multiple features to enhance the blasting operations. A dust filter with a generous surface is necessary to carry the works in a clean manner that allows clear visibility over the working area. Also, the cabinet must have a fluorescent lamp inside with no blinding effect over the operator's eyes. Further, for a clear visible area, the monitoring window should be large enough with glass/safety glass and covered with replaceable film plastic sheets that avoid fogging the window.

Small media consumption is another important factor when choosing a blasting cabinet. A professional blasting cabinet provides adjustable media consumption and a complete blast media recirculation during operations. Also, the cabinet should provide a sieve to separate the media from the debris and other impurities that results during blasting. A manometer to adjust the blast pressure and a remote control to start / stop the blasting process increases the speed of the operations and the efficiency.

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