Innovative Structures Using the Blasting Process

Innovative Structures Using the Blasting Process

The blasting process is an important stage in executing innovative structures made by combining a metallic frame with glazing surfaces.

Besides their spectacular design, these structures also need to have a very high resistance and a long life cycle, which are both dependent on the quality of the execution works. Blasting is the best way to clean metal of all the impurities resulted from its manufacture process and it is also the way to insure the best possible adherence of the coating layers to the metallic structure, thus providing an optimum protection for the said structure.

Still under construction in Beijing, Chaoyang Park Plaza redefines in a unique manner the central district skyline. This complex will comprise four office buildings and two residential buildings, copying the shape of some classical landscapes in traditional Chinese painting. The office buildings have been designed in the shape of river rocks, eroded over time while the residential buildings have been specially designed and placed in such way to give the impression of a mountain forest.

Thanks to the architects’ creativity and the use of latest technology in executing these works, all normal limits have been surpassed.

This is how the complex will look when it is completed:

Chaoyang Park Plaza

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