Metallic Constructions Treated by Blasting

Metallic Constructions Treated by Blasting

Executing metallic constructions can sometimes pose major problems without blasting operations. The famous Golden Gate Bridge has generated huge difficulties even before being commissioned. Because the metallic surfaces had not been blasted before the bridge’s construction, the protective layer and the paint layer did not stick properly on the metallic surface.

This, combined with the large salt quantity existing in the air, in the gulf area, led to the structure being quickly affected, requiring the use of much larger paint quantities, than it would have needed had the blasting operations been executed on time. These difficulties delayed the bridge’s completion by 6 months. Thus, the costs also increased exponentially.

After this experience, all the metallic components executed later, were first treated by abrasive material blasting or they were cleaned by other means or procedures, in order to prevent the Golden Gate scenario from happening again.

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