The Importance of High Quality Blasting Materials for Effective Performance of Works in Construction and Workshops

Qualitative Blasting Materials

An effective organization of the activities on a site or in a simple workshop is of major importance in carrying out the duties in a timely manner, without any delays or financial losses. Blasting operations are no exception to this rule. To carry out a multitude operations of cleaning, deburring, finishing, shot peening, etching, blasting etc., with tight deadlines and high quality requirements, one need to carefully plan the execution of tasks, a dedicated team, professional blasting equipment and high quality blasting materials.

The quality of the blasting materials has a major impact on the outcome off all types of operations, either blasting or cleaning, regardless of the type of surface to be prepared, metallic or non-metallic. When choosing a high-quality blasting material, a professional site manager who has expertise in the field of surface treatments, will pursue for some special characteristics of the products:

  • The raw material used to manufacture the blasting media should be marked with controlled origin denomination, and the manufacturing process should meet all the technical quality standards to maintain the hardness of the material and an unaltered chemical composition, over time. Red Garnet distributed by GritSablare is a special product recommended for water jet cutting, that offers a unique series of features of hardness, density, friability and particle shape, which maximizes the cutting speed of water jet machines.
  • Using a high-quality blasting material allows significant financial savings in purchasing and delivery costs. When using a qualitative blasting media, lower quantities of material are used, as opposed to an ordinary blasting material. Also, for further savings, a highly reusable material should be considered. Premium Angular Steel Grit distributed by GritSablare is enriched with Chromium alloy, has superior hardness (>64 HRC), can be reused up to 1100 operating cycles (Erwin Test Machine), and is ideal for fast and aggressive blasting operations. Unlike regular steel grit made of common steel scrap (rust and old steel), Premium Angular Steel Grit is manufactured of bearing steel, therefore it has a very long operating live.
  • The material should not alter the chemical structure of the surface, an important factor for surface treatments carried out on stainless steel, aluminium, zinc, copper or other non-ferric surfaces. Stainless Steel Grit and Stainless Steel Cut Wire Shots distributed by GritSablare do not promote ferric contamination or rust into the surface, are ideal for blasting and shot peening operation, can be reused up to 800 operating cycles and are recommended for operations carried out in blasting cabinets and chambers.
  • The blasting material should be environmental friendly, silica free and non-toxic for human health and the environment. Angular Blasting Grit (Nickel Slag) distributed by GritSablare is a certified ecologic product (examination of radioactivity, in accordance with the European Directives and ISO: 11126-5), being one of the most economical blasting material that can be used for open spaces blasting for bridges, maritime vessels, shipyards, oil platforms, civil constructions, buildings facades, metal pipelines, car rims and car parts.
  • Another feature to look at when choosing a blasting material is a continuous delivery of the abrasive, in a timely manner, to avoid delays when carrying out the operations, on the site or in the workshop. GritSablare is a national leader in the supply of high quality blasting materials, with over 3500 tonnes of blasting material in stock and an effective delivery infrastructure, on demand for all the products. Also, GritSablare aims to develop solid and long-term business relations with all its partners.

Completing the blasting operations while meeting the tight deadlines is an objective and a necessity for each site and blasting workshop. Using high-quality blasting solutions is a first step to carry out the activities in an effective manner.

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