Restoring Monuments by Use of Blasting Techniques

Restoring Monuments by Use of Blasting Techniques

Did you know that blasting played an important part in restoring the Statue of Liberty?

The monument restoration works started in 1984, because time, weather and atmosphere impurities had taken their heavy toll on the way the statue looked.

The exterior of the grandiose statue was cleaned of paint, rust and other residues, by means of abrasive material blasting. The process allowed the execution of repair works, wherever they were necessary and then, protective treatments were applied on the statue’s surface. The blasting cleaning increased the adherence of the exterior metallic surface, thus increasing the efficiency of the protective layers applied on it. In 1986, when the restoration works were completed, the monument regained its old spark, from 100 years ago, when it had first been executed by the French sculptor Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi.

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