PREMIUM Sodium Bentonite: the Best Bentonite for Casted Parts with Complex Geometries in Foundries

Bentonite for foundries and drills

As defined by geologists, bentonite is a rock formed of colloidal clays composed mainly of montmorillonite, a clay mineral of smectite group. Bentonite is produced in situ by devitrification of volcanic ash in the presence of water. Bentonite originates from Fort Benton (USA), where it was first found. Due to its unique features and multiple applications, bentonite has been called “Miracle Mud” and the “Clay of a Thousand Uses.”

Among main applications of bentonite in industry one should mention: binder in foundry mixtures, catalyst in oil refinery, pelletizing iron ore and enhancing the properties of drill fluids. Other applications include: waterproofing and sealing in construction and civil engineering projects (sealing nuclear waste repositories, groundwater barrier, electrical grounding sealing, irrigation ditches), ingredient for ceramics, stabilizer for paints, cosmetics or medicines, clarifying agent for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages (wine, vinegar, mead, cider, juices), decolorizing agent for vegetable oils, bonding agent in animal feed, absorber for cat litter, purifier for wastewater.

Currently, there are several types of sodium bentonite available on the Romanian market, which are successfully used for most of these applications, namely: PREMIUM Sodium Bentonite, originating in Argentina and SUPER-BOND Sodium Bentonite, originating in India, both provided by GritSablare, national leader on industrial materials market for blasting, water-jet cutting and additives for foundry and drilling.

PREMIUM Sodium Bentonite, originating in Argentina is extracted from montmorillonite mines, with a well-known reputation for more than 140 years, and is considered to be the best sodium bentonite in the world for fine casted parts with complex geometries in foundries, due to its high montmorillonite content and excellent qualities: great thermal stability, and excellent resistance and tensile strength. With only 0.5% remains on 200 Mesh analysis sieve and a high purity rate of 99%, PREMIUM Sodium Bentonite offers the highest degree of surface finesse to eliminate casting defects like porosity, holes and scabbing for casted parts with complex geometries. In addition, PREMIUM Sodium Bentonite has superior swelling capacity compared to other bentonite products on the market – our product adsorbs up to nearly 16 times its weight in water, and after complete saturation, it occupies a volume between 12 to 15 times higher than its original volume – being an ideal product for soil sealing as it is swelling within the interstices of the soil with which is mixed, creating a barrier of very low permeability. Swelling ability is enhanced due the small particle size of the product, allowing bentonite to plug even the smallest of soil voids. Therefore, a soil bentonite mixture creates a highly durable barrier for long periods of time. Further, this product is available even in small packages of 25 kg to be used by domestic clients in different applications: additive for ceramic products, bounding agent in animal feed, absorber for cat litter.

SUPER-BOND Sodium Bentonite is extracted from carefully selected clays with high montmorillonite content in India, with superior mechanical and compressive strength, being an ideal product for most applications in foundries to eliminate casting defects. Being an excellent thixotropic material, SUPER-BOND Sodium Bentonite is successfully used to obtain the drilling mud that enhances the vertical stability of the trench, isolating the drilling fluid in the well. The product is available in big bag packages of 1350 kg, being used mainly for industrial applications in sealing and waterproofing, construction, civil engineering.

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