Professional Blasting Dust Filters

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Dust Filters for Blasting: Gläsner

Technical details:

  • Filter housing made of solid steel with a reinforcement of steel section frame
  • Dust tray equipped with wheels
  • Centrifugal fan with flanged electric motor
  • The system is CE - tested
  • For the used cartridges you get a BIA - certificate
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Air Power Engine Power Filter Surface
1.000 m3 0,55 kW 8 m2
2.200 m3 1,1 kW 14 m2
3.300 m3 2,2 kW 14 m2
4.000 m3 4 kW 56 m2
5.000 m3 7,5 kW 84 m2
7.500 m3 11 kW 84 m2
10.000 m3 15 kW 112 m2
15.000 m3 2 x 11 kW 224 m2
17.500 m3 26 kW 168 m2
20.000 m3 2 x 15 kW 196 m2
30.000 m3 3 x 15 kW 336 m2
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