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Cleaning Facades of Wood, Stone, Brick, Cement.
Professional facade blasting services


Blasting Stone, Brick, Cement, Wood Facades
  • Professional blasting services for facades of buildings and residential homes made of brick, concrete, stone, wood and more.
  • We have over 10 years of experience in blasting the facades of buildings and residential homes. We only use professional blasting equipment and abrasive media in a full range of sizes and different hardnesses on the Mohs scale, to ensure that the facade is cleaned without damage.
  • Facades blasting is the most economical and fastest way to clean, refresh the appearance and preserve the facades made of stone, cement, brick, wood.
  • The passage of time leaves its mark unsightly on the facades of buildings and residential homes, therefore they must be reconditioned through periodic maintenance and cleaning operations. In such a case, the facades of residential homes, flat buildings and wooden cottage will once again regain their former appearance.

Stages in the facade blasting process

Image of dry blasting of stone facades
Dry blasting of stone facades
Image of wet blasting of stone facades
Wet blasting of stone facades
  1. The blasting method is chosen depending on the structure of the facade to be cleaned: dry blasting (abrasive media only) or wet blasting (abrasive media mixed with water).
  2. Field analysis of the facade: determine the blasting ways in the process and the cleaning stages for the best possible result.
  3. Choosing the blasting media suitable for cleaning the facade and offering it to the client: copper slag, calcium silicate (scorex), red garnet, glass beads and more.
  4. Building the work site.
  5. Depending on the blasting media used and the agreed blasting method (dry or wet), the scaffolding structure is being erected.
  6. A delimited area of the facade is blasted for testing purposes and the results obtained with the agreed abrasive material and blasting method are evaluated.
  7. Final customer agreement is obtained.
  8. The actual blasting, according to the work plan.
  9. Cleaning the waste that remains after blasting process, more precisely the used abrasive media is collected to be recovered for subsequent recycling processes.
Blasting services for wooden facades, residential cottage

Advantages of Facade Blasting Services


Having a wide range of blasting media with different hardnesses and multiple grain sizes, we always choose the optimal combination of abrasive media and blasting method for the most efficient cleaning process of building facades.


Facades blasting services with no damage: we choose the abrasive media and the most efficient blasting method taking into account the type of surface considering the optimal preservation of building facades.


Professional and complete facade blasting service: we have a whole fleet of outdoor blasting equipment of various sizes, air compressor, scaffolding for working at height, abrasive media, protective equipment, equipment for the recovery of abrasive waste to conduct the cleaning process in best conditions.


With over 10 years of expertise in the field, GritSablare is a national leader in the blasting segment and provides to its customers the most complete offer of professional blasting equipment and media on the market.

Full facade blasting services

Blasting Stone Facades
Blasting Stone Facades
Blasting stone facades is an effective and useful technique for the maintenance and restoration of both historic and modern buildings, ensuring a neat appearance and extending their lifespan. By using the right abrasives and the right techniques, blasting can revitalize and protect stone facades, contributing to the preservation of architectural and cultural heritage.

Blasting Brick Facades
Blasting Brick Facades
Blasting allows the effective removal of dirt, pollution marks, mould and other impurities from the brick surface of the facades of buildings and residential houses. By using abrasive media, even the most persistent deposits are removed, leaving the facade clean and neat.

Blasting Concrete Facades
Blasting Concrete Facades
Blasting concrete facades is a modern and efficient technique used for the restoration and maintenance of buildings and residential houses. This method involves using a jet of abrasive particles to clean and recondition concrete surfaces, restoring their original look and extending their lifespan.

Blasting Wooden Facades
Blasting Wooden Facades
Blasting the facades of wooden cottages is an essential method for their restoration and maintenance. By using the right abrasive and the right technique, blasting removes impurities and old covers, restoring the wood's natural beauty and preparing it for further treatments. This not only improves the aesthetic appearance of the cottages, but also helps to protect and extend the life of the wood.

Blasting Concrete Walls, Fences etc
Blasting Concrete Walls, Fences etc.
Blasting walls with different surfaces like concrete, brick, stone and wood must be carried carefully to minimize environmental impact and protect the health of workers and local residents. The use of personal protective equipment (blasting helmet, protective suit and gloves) and the implementation of dust control measures are essential. Proper management of blasting waste is also important to avoid environmental contamination.
The fastest and economical way for blasting surfaces!!


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