Blasting Services
The blasting process means cleaning or finishing metallic, stone, glass or other solid material surfaces. The process consists of projecting abrasive particles on the surface that needs to be cleaned or restored.

Professional Blasting Services

  • We execute blasting works in our storage facility in the Port of Constanta;
  • For large scale operations we travel anywhere in Romania;
  • We use some of the most efficient abrasive materials for our blasting works: steel grit, red garnet, blasting grit, using adequate granulations in order to obtain the best possible results.

Blasting metallic surfaces before covering them in paint or primer is extremely important. The performance of subsequent treatments depends on how efficiently you eliminate impurities accumulated on the surface. Thus, the most important parameter watched during the blasting process is the cleanness level. The abrasive grit diameter must be chosen depending on the type of surface treated and the wanted result.

paint or other treatments applied
  • Through blasting, one removes rust and paint residues as well as other impurities off the treated surface. If the cleaning operation is not done properly, the remaining residues will continue to degrade the surface or to reduce the protection provided by paint or by other treatments applied;
  • Regardless of their quality, these treatments cannot provide the necessary protection to a metallic surface if the blasting had not been done properly. The surface obtained following a proper blasting process is the perfect base for polishing, pulverising, zinc-coating or for applying other protection means. The advantage compared to chemical procedures lays in the fact, after blasting, there are no chemical substances left on the treated surface. On the same time, blasting increases the surface adherence, thus facilitating the application of paint or primer;
  • By using this method, you bring the material back to life and help it retake its old look. Due to its excellent effect, abrasive material blasting is recommended for all types of surfaces.
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