Steel Shots for Shot Peening

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Sphere Shape

Steel Shots

Blasting Materials distributed by GritSablare are characterized by outstanding quality. This quality is reflected in an above-average service life, a very high productivity and value retention.

Steel Shots for Shot Peening Premium

  • Premium Steel Shots alloyed with Chromium, of round shape, ideal for shot peening;
  • Blasting material used for surface preparation, etching, cleaning of forging and casting, brightening finishes, shot peening to increase resistance to fatigue and reduce wear;
  • Use: Steel plate, H type steel, ship boards, airplane parts, metallic structures;
  • Low Dusting Material.
Ecological Product
  • Reusable Material: over 3000 blasting cycles, depending on use.
  • S930 [2.36 – 3.35 mm]
  • S780 [2.0 – 2.8 mm]
  • S660 [1.7 – 2.36 mm]
    • S550 [1.4 – 2.0 mm]
    • S460 [1.18 – 1.7 mm]
    • S390 [1.0 – 1.4 mm]
    • S330 [0.85 – 1.18 mm]
    • S280 [0.71 – 1.0 mm]
    • S230 [0.6 – 0.85 mm]
    • S170 [0.425 – 0.71 mm]
    • S110 [0.3 – 0.6 mm]
    • S70 [0.18 – 0.425 mm]
  • Bags of 25 Kg
    [All types]
  • Big Bags of 1 Tonne
    [All types]
  • The material must be stored in a dry place.
Blasting Materials Recovery for Neutralization

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Steel Shots Description

Microstructure steel shots alloyed with Chromium
Microstructure of steel shots alloyed with Chromium
Microstructure of regular steel shots
Microstructure of regular steel shots
  • The steel shots distributed by GritSablare are a superior high quality product in respect to other similar products, considering three factors:
    1. Chromium Alloyed. The steel shots are manufactured from alloyed scrap steel of superior hardness (martensite & troostite steels), enriched with Chromium alloy to achieve a very particular microstructure that does not crumble on impact and repeated shocks. The addition of Chromium increases the cohesion of the material and extend the product's life – in the figure, we present the microstructure of the Chromium alloyed steel shots, an intensified microstructure compared with the regular steel shots;
    2. A complex manufacturing process. The manufacturing process includes multiple operations that provide a product with superior hardness as a result of the many different phases of atomizing, heat treating, selecting, rounding, quenching, tempering and screening;
    3. Quality control in four stages, which includes: microscope examination, Erwin test machine, hardness tests and direct-read spectrograph [see more details below].
Manufacturing process for steel shots

Quality Control Steel Shots

I. Microscope examination
Our inspectors use the microscope to verify the microstructure of our products. Microstructure influences the anti-fatigue property of the steel shots. An optimum microstructure results in a higher resistance to impact and a longer life duration.
II. Erwin Test Machine (USA)
Erwin testing machine is used to verify the fatigue strength of abrasives. Fatigue resistance is the abrasive ability to resist at the impact and further transmit adequate energy for cleaning and shot peening surfaces.
III. Hardness test
This test checks the hardness of the abrasives. By having a certain hardness, the material creates a kinetic energy that has a major impact on the working efficiency and, also on the abrasive consumption.
IV. Direct-Read Spectrograph
This machine is used to determine the chemical structure of the abrasive. The chemical structure is the index of elements which constitutes the abrasive, with direct impact on the microstructure. Further, this machine helps to make fast changes on the liquid material that shapes the abrasive to meet the quality standards.
Steel Shots for Shot Peening
Steel Shots for Shot Peening
  • Due to its superior toughness and high density, this material can be reused up to 3000 times in different blasting operations, before replacement. Also, this material produces low amounts of dust.
  • This material is used for preparing surfaces, cleaning forging and casting, brightening finishes, shot peening metallic parts to increase fatigue strength and reducing wear. The round shape of the shots increases the toughness of the blasted surface, by an action of shot peening. The prepared surface is etched, smooth and bright for further anti-corrosive treatments.
  • The smaller shots produce an etched surface, bright and smooth while the larger shots will agresively clean the surface making a rough finish.

Steel Shots Types

Steel Shots
S930 | S780 | S660
Used for cleaning, derusting of large iron, steel, cast iron pipe, large forging, heat treated pieces.
Package 1: Bags of 25 Kg
Package 2: Big Bags of 1 Tonne
Steel Shots
S550 | S460
Used for cleaning, peening, derusting and forming of large and medium sized cast iron, cast steel, forging, heat treated pieces, steel plates, steel pipes.
Package 1: Bags of 25 Kg
Package 2: Big Bags of 1 Tonne
Steel Shots
S390 | S330
Used for cleaning, peening, derusting and forming of medium and small sized ductile iron, malleable iron and casting products, steel plates, steel pipes.
Package 1: Bags of 25 Kg
Package 2: Big Bags of 1 Tonne
Steel Shots
To strengthen the elasticity and toughness of small iron, casting made of aluminium, steel, cooper alloy before plating.
Package 1: Bags of 25 Kg
Package 2: Big Bags of 1 Tonne
Steel Shots
S230 | S170 | S110 | S70
To enhance the flexibility and tenacity of stainless steel plate, sheet steel, alloy surface before coating.
Package 1: Bags of 25 Kg
Package 2: Big Bags of 1 Tonne
Physical and Chemical Properties
Shape: Spherical, Hollow particles < 10%
Odor: Odorless
Water Solubility: Insoluble
Hardness: Normal: HRC = 55,3 | HV = 516 | HB = 495M 47 – 56 Hardness Rockwell C
Microstructure: Homogeneous Tempered Martensite or Troostite, C Level < 2
Density: (approx.) 7.2 g/cm3
Chemical Composition
C (low level): 0.78% – 1.00%
Si: 0.40% – 1.20%
Mn: 0.35% – 1.20%
Cr: 0.35% – 1.00%
S: ≤ 0.05%
P: ≤ 0.05%
Ecological Product
All tests made on the steel shots categorised the product as ecological. All the analysed parameters scored below the toxicity levels imposed by the legislation. Under normal handling and use conditions with protection equipment, the product has no negative impact on human health and the environment.

Steel Shots Application

  • Abrasive blasting for cleaning casting and forging, old layers of paint for steel plates, H types steel and other metallic structures;
  • Preparing surfaces for further anti-corrosive treatments (painting and / or priming);
  • Shot peening for gears, heat treated parts;
  • Rust removal from steel structures and steel parts;
  • Blasting of metallic profiles, ship boards, steel plates, steel structures.
The best material for shot peening,
with over 3000 blasting cycles


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