Water-Jet Cutting Nozzles / Mixing Tubes / Accessories

Replacement Nozzles & Mixing tubes (Water-Jet Cutting) by GritSablare
• GS R100: Workhorse for industry, fit-for-use performance
• GS R300: Classic, trustworthy and widely used in more than 30 countries
• GS R500: Latest high-end super wear-resistant material which brings you peak experience

  • Best cost-effectiveness solution per hour used
  • Up to 120 hours of precision cutting
  • Up to 250 hours of rough cutting
  • Faster cutting speeds
  • Greater dimensional accuracy
  • Predictability - nozzles perform the same every time
Product series: Hardness HRA (GPa) Hardness HV (GPa) WC (Grain size) μm Co (wt%)
GS R100 ~95.6 ~25.50 ~0.3 0.5
GS R300 ~96.0 ~27.30 ~0.2 0.4
GS R500 ~97.0 ~27.50 ~0.2 0.3

  • Your first option when nozzles need to be: (1) Consistent, (2) Reliable and (3)) Predictable.
  • Our line of abrasive nozzles is made from a special carbide material which is a nano tungsten carbide-based material and proprietary manufacturing process.
  • During our whole production, the nano tungsten particles which contribute super wear resistance is formed using the patented process. In order to make the nozzles come with higher hardness and superior wear resistance, we hardly add the soft metal binder during the processing.
  • All the above methods and materials contribute to optimum nozzle performance. The result is a super durable material that fiercely resists abrasive and erosive wear.
Water-Jet Cutting Nozzles
Most Reliable Water-Jet Nozzles and Mixing Tubes!


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