Professional Blasting Chambers

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We provide Technical Assistance and Advisory for optimum manipulation and operation.

Blasting Chambers by GritSablare

Professional blasting chambers manufactured on demand, in accordance with our clients' requirements. Reliable and solid equipment.


  • Complete blasting media recirculation inside the blasting chamber
  • Individual design and manufacturing using Superior quality materials
  • Efficient dust removal during blasting operations
  • Fully equipped for immediate operation
  • Delivery Time: 16 - 18 weeks

Technical details:

  • Suction walls and air intake openings to dedust the blasting chamber and for clear view during blasting operations
  • Antiabrasive rubber coating to protect the walls
  • Illumination from above in LED, 8,600 lm (4.500 K), for clear view
  • Blasting material recovery via flat conveyor floor, bucket elevator and blasting material cleaner
  • Blasting material bunker with blasting pot, 1,000 ltr.
  • 2 x Effective filter system with 4 filter cartridge with a filter surface of 14 square meters each.
  • Blasting Pot - HL by GritSablare
  • Complete protective equipment for one operator
  • Download Technical Details


  • Aeronautics
  • Car Parts
  • Agriculture
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Industry
  • Marble
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