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 Blasting accessories Fresh-Air purificator Gläsner

Fresh-Air purificator Gläsner

  • Made of die-cast aluminium with activated carbon filter
  • Condensate drain
  • Connector R ½" for cleaning breathing

Remote control Gläsner

Remote control Gläsner

  • Fully pneumatic (Dead man’s handle) - pot ventilation, since 01/87 mandatory for automatic switch-off pressured-air and venting the blast fan. Arable for almost all blasting equipment.
  • Pneumatic (Dead man’s handle) - This system switches of the blast media flow through close off the blast hose.
  • Electro-pneumatic (Dead man’s handle) - As before, but as electro-pneumatic version, recommended for hose length 40 m and higher. 12V or 220 V (pot ventilation).

Sound absorber Gläsner

Sound absorber Gläsner

  • Works with remote control (see above).
  • The ventilation noise is substantially reduced.

Halogen-Blasting lamp Gläsner

Halogen-Blasting lamp Gläsner

  • For better illumination of work pieces, 12 V or 24 V.
  • Fitting transformers available as well

Helmet air heating Gläsner

Helmet air heating Gläsner

  • To heat the breathing air in winter

Wet-Blast head Gläsner

Wet-Blast head Gläsner

  • Substantially reduces dust while blasting

Kit Dust-Free-Blasting Gläsner

Kit "Dust-Free-Blasting" Gläsner

  • Reduces dust up to 90 %!
  • Can be used as additional device with any common pressure sand blast fan.
  • Please ask for detailed offer!
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