Shot peening Media Glass Beads

Spherical Shape

Glass Beads for Blasting

Blasting Materials distributed by GritSablare are characterized by outstanding quality. This quality is reflected in an above-average service life, a very high productivity and value retention.

Glass Beads for Blasting

  • Glass Beads are used for cleaning and shot peening surfaces without any contamination or damage to the base surface.
  • After the blasting process, the surface has a bright satin finish;
  • Use: cleaning, peening and sanitizing fine parts, stainless steel in food and pharma industy; aircraft engine blades, road marking and finishing wood surfaces;
  • Economical and Efficient material with low emissions of dust and any type of waste.
Ecological Product
  • Reusable Material, depending on the application.
  • 40 - 70 μm (0.04 - 0.07 mm)
  • 50 - 105 μm (0.05 - 0.105 mm)
  • 70 - 110 μm (0.07 - 0.11 mm)
  • 100 - 200 μm (0.1 - 0.2 mm)
  • 150 - 250 μm (0.15 - 0.25 mm)
  • 250 - 425 μm (0.25 - 0.425 mm)
  • 400 - 600 μm (0.4 - 0.6 mm)
  • Bags of 25 Kg
    [All Types]
  • The material must be stored in a dry place.
Blasting Materials Recovery for Neutralization

We offer comprehensive blasting waste recovery services for neutralization. For further details, please contact us.

Glass Beads Description

Cleaning blade engine for aircrafts
Blasting of aircraft engine blades
  • Quality certificates:
    • GB/T24722 - 2009 and BS6088 - 1981: United Kingdom;
    • AASHTO M247 - 1981: USA;
    • EN1423 - 1997 and EN1424 - 1998: European Union.
  • Glass Beads are a spherical abrasive manufactured from chemically inert soda lime glass.
  • Glass Beads are used for cleaning, finishing, light peening, deburring, sanitizing, descaling, coating removal, polishing and surface blending. Also, this material is used for shot peening of aircraft engine blades, turbine rotors, gears, bricks, shafts, steam and gas turbine components. Glass beads are also used for road marking.
  • Glass Beads produce a bright satin finish; finer beads produce a smoother non glare finish, while larger beads produce a deeper textured finish. Blasting with Glass Beads does not produce any dimension changes to the part base surface.
Glass Beads
0.05 - 0.105 mm mm
It is ideal for restoring/cleaning aluminum pieces, fiberglass, screws, welding strings and fine pieces.
Package: Bags of 25 Kg
Glass Beads
0.15 - 0.25 mm
It is used for all types of surfaces, assuring a fine and smooth blasting. It is excellent for preparing for electrostatic painting.
Package: Bags of 25 Kg
Physical and Chemical Properties
Hardness: 6 - 7 Mohs, equivalent 16 HRC
Specific Gravity: 2.4 - 2.6 cm3
Bulk Density: 1.5 g/cm3
Shape: Spherical
Free Silica: No
Free Iron: ≤ 1%
Free Iron Colour: Clear
Chemical Composition
SiO2: 71 - 73%
Na2O: 13 - 15%
K2O: 0.2 - 0.6%
CaO: 8 - 10%
MgO: 3 - 5%
Al2O3: 0.5 - 2%
Ecological Product
All tests made on the glass beads categorised the product as ecological. All the analysed parameters scored below the toxicity levels imposed by the legislation. Under normal handling and use conditions with protection equipment, the product has no negative impact on human health and the environment.

Glass Beads Application

Glass Beads for Road Marking
Glass Beads for Road Marking
An area in which glass beads are successfully used is road marking. The paint used in road marking embeds glass beads with retro-reflective properties of the vehicle's headlight beam, ensuring better visibility of the road marks during night and day and greater safety for car drivers. Glass beads can be mixed with paint prior to road marking, but can be added later over the newly fresh paint.

Glass beads woodworking
Glass beads for finishing surfaces in wood industry
At the present moment, glass beads are successfully used for polishing and finishing surfaces in wood industry. Whether we are talking about freshly processed wood, recovered wood (which is becoming more and more appreciated) or the maintenance of machinery and equipment, the solutions that involve glass beads blasting present a number of major advantages.

Other Application:
  • Aluminium surfaces;
  • Stainless steel surfaces in food industry;
  • Fine parts in aerospace industry: aircraft engine blades, gears;
  • Sanitizing in pharma industry.
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