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Pressure Pot Blasting Unit: MICROBLAST by GritSablare


  • This is the ideal piece of equipment for blasting small and even smaller surfaces of glass and metal for matting, fettling, cleaning, polishing and drilling.
  • The MICROBLAST by GritSablare can be used as a standalone unit or in addition to an existing blasting booth.
  • All types of blasting media are suitable such as corundum, glass beads, broken glass, silicon, walnut and plastic granules between 0 – 300 μ.
  • Fully equipped for immediate operation.

Technical details:

  • Hardened metal nozzles are supplied with diameters of 0,6 - 0,8 - 1,0-1,2-1,5 mm as required
  • Blast media pressure pot with 0,8 l capacity (1 tank system) with shut off valve
  • Pressure regulating valve with manometer to adjust the blast pressure
  • Compressed air connection, oil/water separator with condensate drain
  • Sheet steel housing, painted beige
  • 1 blasting hose, approx.1000 mm length, with nozzle holder and hardened metal blast nozzle (nozzle diameter as required)
  • Pneumatic foot-switch to control the blasting process
  • Connection hoses to the MICROBLAST by GritSablare, approx. 2.000 mm length
  • Mounting for nozzle holder
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  • Laboratories
  • Medical
  • Lens
  • Jewellery
  • Stone polishing
  • Dental
  • Fine Glass

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