Blasting Media Electrocorundum White Fused Aluminium Oxide WFA

Angular Shape

Aluminium Oxide Abrasive

Blasting Materials distributed by GritSablare are characterized by outstanding quality. This quality is reflected in an above-average service life, a very high productivity and value retention.

Electrocorundum - White Fused Aluminium Oxide Abrasive (WFA)

  • Superior Toughness: 9.2 Mohs Scale;
  • High Purity: No transfer between the surface and the abrasive; it can be used for blasting non-ferrous surfaces: Stainless steel, Alumina, Copper;
  • Fast and Aggressive blasting applications in blasting rooms; ideal for tough surfaces due to its superior hardness and sharp angular shape;
  • It can be used for both dry blasting and also wet blasting, delivering an optimum preparing for all types of surfaces.
Ecological Product
  • Reusable Material, depending on the application.
  • #60: 45 - 60 Mesh
    [0,300 – 0,250 mm]
  • #100: 70 - 120 Mesh
    [0.120 – 0.212 mm]
  • #120: 80 - 140 Mesh
    [0.106 – 0.180 mm]
  • #150: 100 - 170 Mesh
    [0.090 – 0.150 mm]
  • Bags of 25 kg
    [All types]
  • The material must be stored in a dry place.
Blasting Materials Recovery for Neutralization

We offer comprehensive blasting waste recovery services for neutralization. For further details, please contact us.

White Aluminium Oxide Abrasive Description

White Aluminium Oxide - Electrocorundum white
Fast and Aggressive blasting applications
  • The Aluminium Oxide abrasive distributed by GritSablare is a very tough material and records a value of 9.0 on the Mohs scale. Thanks to its superior toughness, this abrasive is successfully used for blasting operations that require great strength and high speed work.
  • This material is highly pure, therefore is ideal for surfaces that do not allow transfer with other substances during the blasting operation: stainless steel, alumina, copper.
  • This abrasive is manufactured from artificial corundum by fusion operations. The particles are very tough and sharp, having high cutting speed and efficient cleaning properties. The aluminium oxide particles produce an etch finish: the fine particles produce a dull matt finish and the rough particles produce a rough etch. This material is used both for dry blasting and also for wet blasing.
  • The aluminium oxide is successfully used for cleaning operations, etching, descaling, deburring, coating removal and surface preparation for future anti-corrosion treatments with primer and paint, at the highest quality standards.
Physical and Chemical Properties
Shape: Solid angular particles
Color: White
Odor: None
Solubility in Water: Insoluble in Water
Hardness: 9.0 Mohs Scale
Density: (approx.) 3.85 g/cm3
Gravity: (approx.) 4.6 gr/cc
Fusing Point: (approx.) 4000°F | 2200°C
Chemical Composition
Al2O3: 99,52%
Fe2O3: 0,029%
SiO2: 0,034%
Na2O: 0,26%
Ecological Product
All tests made on the aluminium oxide abrasive categorised the product as ecological. All the analysed parameters scored below the toxicity levels imposed by the legislation. Under normal handling and use conditions with protection equipment, the product has no negative impact on human health and the environment.

White Aluminium Oxide Abrasive Application

food tanks, stainless steel tubs
Stainless steel blasting: food tanks, stainless steel tubs
The aluminium oxide is a highly pure abrasive which allows no transfer between the surfaces, being ideal for blasting ferrous-free materials: stainless steel food tanks, alumina tubes, other parts of carbon steel, copper. This material can be reused multiple times due to its superior toughness, therefore making substantial material economies.

Blasting rooms
Blasting rooms
Red Garnet is widely used in blasting chambers, when a non-ferrous abrasive material is needed, that would not interfere with the blasted surfaces.

Other applications:
  • Stainless steel blasting, carbon steel, aluminium, copper;
  • Food industry for food tanks blasting;
  • Spare parts blasting, in blasting rooms;
  • Metallic structures: vessels, bridges, tanks.
An abrasive with no transfer between surfaces


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