Water Jet Cutting Media Olivine

Natural mineral

Olivine for Water-Jet Cutting

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Olivine for Water-Jet Cutting

  • OLIVINE is produced from olivine, a naturally occurring refractory mineral, composed of forsterite, Mg2SiO4 and fayalite Fe2SiO4.
  • Features: The high refractory value of 1760°C is achieved through its effective oxide content of approximately 49% Magnesium oxide, 42% Silicon dioxide and 7% Iron oxide. OLIVINE finds application over the entire range of fired and chemically bonded basic refractory applications.
  • With high chemical stability and high impact resistance, olivine is an ideal material for multiple water jet cutting applications, where a high level of accuracy is a priority.
ISO Certified 9001
ISO Certified 14001
ISO Certified 50001
No free silica
Ecological Product
Ideal Media for
Water Jet Cutting
  • Olivine No 11 PO (< 0.063 mm)
  • Olivine AFS 120 DS (0.063 - 0.125 mm)
  • Olivine MIX 1675 DS (0.063 - 0.180 mm)
  • Olivine AFS 80 DS (0.090 - 0.180 mm)
  • Olivine AFS 50 DS (0.180 - 0.250 mm)
  • Olivine AFS 45 DS (0.180 - 0.500 mm)
  • Olivine AFS 30 DS (0.355 - 0.710 mm)
  • Olivine MIX 1800 DS (0.125 - 0.710 mm)
  • Olivine AFS 20DS (0.710 - 1.40 mm)
  • Bulk Bags
  • Big Bags
  • Bags of 25 Kg (Moisture Proof Paper Bags)
  • The material must be stored in a dry place.

Olivine Description

  • Additions of OLIVINE refractory grade fillers and aggregates can resist chemical attack, increase impact strength and thermal stability, and improve insulating properties. Highly resistant to neutral and basic slags, and non-reactive with most molten metals, OLIVINE is an excellent refractory aggregate in primary metals production.
  • OLIVINE’s thermal conductivity is lower than comparable basic refractory raw materials such as dead burned magnesite and dolomite. This property makes it ideal for insulation linings in continuous steel casting and for steel ladles. A low and uniform thermal expansion over the entire temperature range creates stability in all refractory uses.
  • All OLIVINE refractory fillers and aggregates are produced with adherence to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001; quality, environmental and energy management systems.
Olivine for Water-Jet Cutting Applications
Olivine for Water-Jet Cutting Applications

Physical and Chemical Properties

ParameterMethodUnitTypical Value
Specific Gravityg/cm33.25
Initial Sintering°CAprox. 1450
Melting Point°CAprox. 1760
Thermal Expansionat 1200°C - Linear%Aprox. 1.1
Bulk Density, LooseEN 1097-3g/cm31.7
HardnessMohs's Scale6.5 – 7.0
pH (milled) 8.9 – 9.5
Olivine No 11 PO Olivine AFS 120 DS Olivine MIX 1675 DS Olivine AFS 80 DS Olivine AFS 50 DS Olivine AFS 45 DS Olivine AFS 30 DS Olivine MIX 1800 DS Olivine AFS 20DS
MgO Magnesium Oxide46.549.349.449.7505050.249.949.9
SiO2* Silicon Oxide* 41.541.641.741.841.641.541.441.541.5
Fe2O3 Iron Oxide
Al2O3 Aluminium Oxide0.750.30.420.30.410.420.420.40.34
Cr2O3 Chromium Oxide 0.440.770.550.440.
NiO Nickel Oxide0.30.320.320.320.320.320.320.320.32
MnO Mangan Oxide
L.O.I.**Loss on Ignition**

* Present as silicate, contains ≶ 0.1% free crystalline silica.
** Weight reduction after 30 minutes at 900°C/air.

Ecological Product
All tests made on the olivine categorized the product as ecological. All the analyzed parameters scored below the toxicity levels imposed by the legislation.

Olivine User Safety

Olivine is a safe, ecologic and stable material. It does not need special attention while handled. Wearing personal protection equipment is necessary, as well as avoiding eye contact. Storing this material does not require special conditions. All it needs is a good air ventilation in the storage space.

In case of inhalation, the affected person must be taken out, to fresh air, and kept in a comfortable position so he/she can breathe properly. If he/she has difficulties breathing, oxygen can be administered. If he/she stops breathing, CPR manoeuvres can be performed. In this case, a medical intervention is also necessary.

Avoid direct contact with the skin. If your skin entered in direct contact with this abrasive material, you must wash the affected area with clean water for 20 minutes. Use a soft soap and clean water.

In case of ingestion, a doctor’s intervention is necessary. All treatments applied to the victim must take into account the symptoms showed by that victim.

Avoid walking through the material and always wear personal protective equipment. In case of leakages, one must insulate the area on an approximately 25 meters radius in all directions. It is forbidden to spill this material in water. Please avoid dust. Use professional vacuum cleaners to clean the area.

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