Abrasive Blasting Materials

Over 3500 tonnes of Blasting Materials in Stock
Blasting Materials Recovery for Neutralization
We offer comprehensive blasting waste recovery services for neutralization. For further details, please contact us.

National Leader for Blasting, Painting & Priming Materials

From the beginning of our activity in 2012 until present we have provided the most optimum solutions for large scale blasting and painting projects, which were financed by European Funds: Ruse Bridge, Petrobrazi & Petromidia Oil Refineries, Chevron Platform and more, but also for small and medium projects: garages, blasting rooms etc.
The blasting process means cleaning or finishing metallic, stone, glass or other solid material surfaces. The process consists of projecting abrasive particles on the surface that needs to be cleaned or restored.

Complete systems of Industrial primers, paints and varnishes

  • For an optimum result, after completing a high quality blasting procedure, we also provide complete systems of high performance anti-corrosive paints: priming, industrial paints and varnishes;
  • We offer only high quality paints provided by world renowned producers (like Jotun, Hempel, International Paints, Novatic, Geholit, Wiemer) thus making sure that the works executed have the longest possible life cycle.

Professional Blasting Services

  • We execute blasting works in our storage facility in the Port of Constanta;
  • For large scale operations we travel anywhere in Romania;
  • We use some of the most efficient abrasive materials for our blasting works: steel grit, red garnet, blasting grit, using adequate granulations in order to obtain the best possible results.
We Provide Shipping Worldwide
We provide shipping worldwide, at the most competitive prices.

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