Blasting Compressors

Compressors for Powerful Compressed Air:
Mobility and High Performance in Blasting Sector

Portable air compressors for Indoor Blasting:
Electric powered units

  • Electric powered air compressors are ideal units for indoor blasting applications (blasting rooms, cabinets, blasting pots), where a power source is available on-site.
  • Electric powered compressors are more economical than the diesel-driven units, considering both the initial cost of acquisition and also the operating costs (diesel units generate significantly higher fuel consumption costs, considering the electricity cost of their electric counterparts).
  • Electric compressors do not feature any removable engine part; therefore, service maintenance can be extended longer and consists of basic procedures like application of lubricants and cleaning parts.
  • Emissions and nois: electric powered units have no counterpart on the market in terms of environmental protection, because there are practical no CO2 emissions. Also, the noise produced is less significant than with other types of compressors.
  • Electric powered units are more easy to use because they do not require constant monitoring during operation, such being the case of diesel-driven air compressors which need regular refueling and maintenance works (filter changing).
Electric compressor

Electric powered air compressors, an economical and efficient solution for indoor blasting operations.

Blasting Compressor Oil-Injected VARIABLE 55 XP by GritSablare

Blasting Compressor Oil-Injected VARIABLE 55 XP by GritSablare

  • Oil lubricated screw compressor
  • Compact design
  • Air cooling
  • Manufactured in accordance to CE directive
  • Sound and vibration isolated
  • Intelligent controller

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Mobile Compressors for Outdoor Blasting:
Diesel powered

  • Diesel-driven air compressors provide high mobility across the working site, being the ideal piece of equipment for outdoor blasting applications on newly construction sites where an electrical source is not yet available.
  • Main sectors where a diesel-driven air compressor is highly recommended for use: industry, construction, roads and bridges, shipyards.
  • Latest technologies and innovative solutions that emerged were the catalyst for designing the diesel-driven air compressor with a built-in electric generator, a wide-spread solution for on-site demands with no electric supply.
  • Diesel-driven compressors are highly flexible and versatile, and an easy-to-go solution for many outdoor sites. Further, there are no plugs and cables one has to be aware of, to avoid the risk of electric shock in case of improper manipulation.
Diesel-driven air compressor for blasting

Diesel-driven air compressors are available in many variants, with different capacities, to withstand any type of outdoor application.

Mobile Blasting Compressors:
The PTO Driven Air Compressor

  • The mobile PTO (power take-off) compressors offered by GritSablare are manufactured in Ireland, and are designed to provide maximum air power on the move, on any kind of terrain. With an impressive 360 CFM, the PTO compressor is built for multiple blasting applications in industry and agriculture.
  • The PTO compressor can be mounted either in the front, or the rear of the tractor.
  • This type of compressor shares the tractor engine, incorporating its own gearbox, with two moving parts: the asymmetrical profile rotors. Contact occurs on a lubricated pitch-line, so wear is practical eliminated. This way, the compressor maintains its capacity and efficiency for longer periods of time.
  • The compressor fan is designed for heavy use. It delivers all the cooling power required to keep the oil temperature regulated, which means continuous and safe operation, plus minimal downtime.
  • The unpredictable weather conditions are no place for electric systems. Using pneumatic controls, the PTO compressor withstands to any harsh working environment.
  • Easy maintenance: Smart and innovative design allows easy access to all replaceable parts of the PTO compressor, by simply opening the hinged cover.
  • The chassis and other parts of the PTO compressor are powder coated and Zinc primed, thus ensuring long-time protection and durability.
  • Flow rate 5.0 - 10.2 m3/min (176 - 360 CFM). Operating Pressure 10 Bar.
Mobile Blasting Compressor
Portable Blasting Compressor

With approx. 1.2 m3, 1325 kg and a detachable A frame, the PTO compressor can be easily mounted either in the front or the rear of the tractor.


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