Industrial Painting Priming
Industrial Paints
The painting process protects the components of various structures, insuring long term efficiency in environments bearing various levels of corrosiveness. In order to provide adequate results, our range of paints is based on special compounds, that act even on highly corrosive structures, while also observing the applicable legal requirements on environment protection.

High Quality Industrial Paints

  • For an optimum result, after completing a high quality blasting procedure, we also provide complete systems of high performance anti-corrosive paints: priming, industrial paints and varnishes;
  • We offer only high quality paints provided by world renowned producers (like Jotun, Hempel, International Paints, Novatic, Geholit, Wiemer) thus making sure that the works executed have the longest possible life cycle.

Painting after blasting. All types of constructions, utilities or installations exposed to environment factors may be protected by means of artificial painting. Also, they may be refurbished with high quality paints, using carefully selected technologies and criteria. An optimum quality standard is insured only by treating the surface correctly, prior to painting it and only by carefully checking all the painting stages. For successful projects, we can provide you with a full range of paints bearing the highest quality.

Types of Industrial Painting

Infrastructure paints
Infrastructure Paints
Our infrastructure paints are available in various assortments and they meet the necessary protection requirements against air, water and soil effects. These types of paints provide durability, a nice aspect and high resistance to abrasion for large scale projects, both on dry land in the soil or underwater. We can provided you with industrial paints, bearing a high coating capacity for civil and port constructions, for airports, bridges, cranes, railway wagons – both of passengers and for merchandise transportation – exploitation and exploration units, etc.

Paints for the Energy Industry
Paints for the Energy Industry
The paints specifically created for the Energy Industry provide a high level of protection for assortments designed for nuclear and wind energy items or for turbines and nacelles with their foundations based on dry land or on the sea. They also provide a high degree of protection for machines used in the exploitation of oil and gas deposits. We can offer you a professional range of paints specifically created for the energy industry, thus providing you with the necessary long-term protection for land-based and for marine structures.

Paints for the Chemical Industry
Paints for the Chemical Industry
In our wide range of colours and structures, the chemical industry paints bear high performance properties for any type of application. Our paints have special mechanic properties, providing resistance to high temperatures, to oxidation and to highly acid environments. We offer a strong colour and a high level of resistance with each application.

Fire-resistant paint
Fire-resistant Paint
The fire-resistant paint is a special type of paint that protects the surfaces it is applied on, from the very high temperatures generated in case of fire. Its manufacture is based on a solvent or water and it reacts to fire by turning into a non-combustible, perfectly insulating foam, which delays the spread of heat. We recommend the fire-resistant paint for specific working environments and we guarantee the necessary quality standards, especially since this type of paint has a long operation period and it is ecological in nature.

Epoxy paint
Epoxy Paint
The Epoxy paint is a type of bi-component, resin-based paint that may or may not contain solvents, which is characterised by its shine and its hardness. It is applied on light, heavy or very heavy traffic floors. It provides chemical and mechanical resistance, a maximum level of adherence, a continuous layer and it is easy to maintain. The epoxy paint in our offer may cover surfaces in production halls, classrooms, shops, offices, sanitary and food-related facilities, storage facilities, commercial or exhibition spaces, private spaces, swimming pools.

Powder Paint
Powder Paint
This is a modern, ecological paint, with almost no emission of volatile organic compounds. Thus, it does not pollute and it does not generate wastes. It is resistant to the action of mechanical and chemical factors, and to high temperatures. It provides the structures it is applied on, with a high resistance to fires and explosions. Applied by use of an adequate painting gear, it provides safe and clean working conditions, being 98% usable. By applying a layer of powder paint and executing periodical maintenance works on the painting gear, one can obtain a high quality result, both in terms of resistance and in terms of protection.

Washable Paint
Washable Paint
The washable paint is resistant to up to 1,000 washes, it is easy to apply and it has a high coating power. Its drying period is short and its range of colours comprises hundreds of different shades. It can be applied on surfaces like masonry, concrete, drywall and it is the best solution for anyone, being the most frequently used paint in home design. We can recommend and deliver a wide variety of washable paints whether simple or with special additives, taking into account the technological progress. Besides, this paint is even resistant to humidity conditions, to mould, and it has protection against friction, against turning yellow, against stains and against scratches.

Alkyd Paint
Alkyd Paint
This is a frequently used, resin-based paint that insures the decoration and protection of various steel, wooden or aluminium constructions, of masonry items, of roofs, of water pipes and drainage pipes. We recommend the alkyd paint both for indoor and for outdoor surfaces, since it has both good pore penetration properties and a strong shine, that is resistant to atmospheric changes. This type of paint is easily spread, it is available in hundreds of colours, thus becoming the perfect solution for any kind of surface.
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