Blasting Media Stainless Steel Grit

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Angular Shape

Stainless Steel Grit

Blasting Materials distributed by GritSablare are characterized by outstanding quality. This quality is reflected in an above-average service life, a very high productivity and value retention.

Stainless Steel Grit

  • No Ferrous Contamination: Ideal for Aluminum castings and other parts, Stainless steel forgings; Zinc pressure die castings; Brass and other non ferrous metals die castings; Granite, other natural stone and concrete;
  • Increased Production: High reusability Rate: over 800 operating cycles, perfect for Blasting Rooms;
  • Superior Hardness: 60 - 65HRC;
  • No Dust.
Ecological Product
  • Reusable Material, over 800 operating cycles.
  • GH50 [0.18 - 0.71mm]
  • GH80 [0.125 - 0.425mm]
  • Bags of 25 Kg
    [All types]
  • The material must be stored in a dry place.
Blasting Materials Recovery for Neutralization

We offer comprehensive blasting waste recovery services for neutralization. For further details, please contact us.

Stainless Steel Grit Description

Blasting Rooms
Abrasive Blasting
  • Stainless Steel Grit is produces by means of Cr-stainless steel crushed into angular particles. The service life is significantly longer compared with iron-free and mineral blasting media. This makes economical processing of material, such as stainless steel, aluminium, galvenised steel, concrete and natural stone possible.
  • No Ferrous Contamination: Blasting with Stainless Steel Grit will not promote ferric contamination or rust on your surface. This makes Stainless Steel Grit an ideal abrasive choice in applications where ferrous contamination is a concern.
  • Increased Production: Stainless Steel Grit’s high bulk density and high hardness results in more energy being transferred to the work surface than mineral or slag abrasives, easily removing mill scale and molding sand.
  • Recyclability: The low friability of Stainless Steel Grit allows it to be recycled hundreds of times. Unlike mineral or slag abrasives, Stainless Steel Grit will not completely shatter when it hits a surface, keeping its relative size. Recycling Stainless Steel Grit increases profitability by reducing abrasive consumption, and shipping, clean-up, and disposal costs.
  • Durability: The durability of our grit results in a consistent work mix, constant roughness values and guarantees quality adhesion for subsequent coatings.
  • Can Be Used for Different Machines: It is successfully used in blast rooms and blast cabinets as well as in centrifugal wheel blast machines.
  • Blasting systems: Pressure blast systerms, Airless blast-cleaning equipment

Superior Quality Product

Our stainless steel grit offers the following advantages:

  • Great durability
  • Short blasting times
  • Bright appearance
  • Rust-free surfaces
  • Can be used in centrifugal wheel machines as well as air blast systems
  • Low waste disposal costs
  • Dust-free blasting process
Before / After Stainless Steel Grit Blasting
Before blasting with Stainless Steel Grit
Before Application:
rust and corrosion
After blasting with Stainless Steel Grit
After Application with Stainless Steel Grit: bright and clean surface
Before blasting with Stainless Steel Grit
Before Application:
rust and corrosion
After blasting with Stainless Steel Grit
After Application with Stainless Steel Grit: bright and clean surface
Dust Free
Common Abrasives: Dusty
No Dust
Stainless Steel Grit: No Dust

The grit’s dust-free characteristic allows for excellent vision while blasting and helps to better control the blast process.

Physical and Chemical Properties
Shape: Angular
Color: Silver
Odor: Odorless
Water Solubility: Insoluble
Microstructure: Martensitic with Carbides
Hardness: 60 - 65 HRC
Density: (approx.) 7.0 g/cm3
Chemical Composition
C: 1.95 – 2.2%
Si: 1.8 – 2.2%
Mn: 0.7 – 1.2%
Cr: 27 – 30%
Ni: 0.0 – 0.5%
Ecological Product
The Stainless Steel Grit for blasting surfaces provided by GritSablare is an ecological material, with no negativ impact on the environment.

Stainless Steel Grit Application

It is recommended where ferrous contamination must be avoided:
  • Aluminum castings and other parts
  • Stainless steel forgings, structural parts and welded fabrications
  • Zinc pressure die castings, forgings and other parts
  • Brass and other non ferrous metals die castings and parts
  • Granite, other natural stone and concrete, to create an anti-skidding roughness finishing
Our stainless steel grit is used in all impact treatments:
  • Blast cleaning
  • Deburring
  • Sweep blasting of hot dipped galvanised surfaces
  • Surface treatment prior to coating
  • Surface finishing
  • Fine and structural blasting
  • Water jet cutting
  • Peening

Stainless Grit Steel User Safety

Stainless Steel Grit is a safe, ecologic and stable material. It does not need special attention while handled. Wearing personal protection equipment is necessary, as well as avoiding eye contact. Storing this material does not require special conditions. All it needs is a good air ventilation in the storage space.

In case of inhalation, the affected person must be taken out, to fresh air, and kept in a comfortable position so he/she can breathe properly. If he/she has difficulties breathing, oxygen can be administered. If he/she stops breathing, CPR manoeuvres can be performed. In this case, a medical intervention is also necessary.

Avoid direct contact with the skin. If your skin entered in direct contact with this abrasive material, you must wash the affected area with clean water for 20 minutes. Use a soft soap and clean water.

In case of ingestion, a doctor’s intervention is necessary. All treatments applied to the victim must take into account the symptoms showed by that victim.

Avoid walking through the material and always wear personal protective equipment. In case of leakages, one must insulate the area on an approximately 25 meters radius in all directions. It is forbidden to spill this material in water. Please avoid dust. Use professional vacuum cleaners to clean the area.

The Best Abrasive for Non-Ferrous Contamination,
Ideal for Blasting Rooms


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