Adequate Blasting for Maritime Vessels

Adequate Blasting for Maritime Vessels

A correct blasting process and the application of adequate treatments guarantee a long life for maritime vessels.

The Star of India ship was built in 1863 and it is still in functioning condition today. After many adventures on seas and oceans, under its original name of Euterpe, the vessel was sold in 1901 and it was renamed Star of India – a name that it is still bearing today. It kept transporting both passengers and merchandise until 1923, when steam vessels started dominating the seas. Time started taking its toll as well, the ship needing major repairs.

Blasting played an important role in restoring the ship’s metallic structural elements. Thus, the old paint layers were removed, along with rust and other residues accumulated and the metallic surface was cleaned, allowing it, once again, to go through the necessary treatments in an efficient manner, which extended the vessel’s life cycle.

The Star of India was refurbished and it met the ocean again in 1976. Currently, it belongs to the Maritime Museum in San Diego and it sails at least once a year.

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