GritSablare Supports the Establishment and Development of Start-ups in Blasting Field, by offering a Full Package of Advantages

GritSablare blasting start-up

You probably think it is difficult to establish a new business at the present moment. However, if you have your own business, you are one step closer to gain your freedom, by releasing yourself of the employers’ continuous pressure; also, you can manage your time in accordance to your needs and you can negotiate prices directly with your customers without any intermediaries. Further, if you provide high quality work, and if there is enough demand for your services, your business will become a stand-alone asset that can be further transferred or sold at a significant price when you decide to retire.

The most profitable businesses, with growing potential are those developed on a less exploited market niche, where there is still room and the competition is not that fierce. A simple and effective start-up idea is to establish a blasting workshop. Blasting is a highly demanded service on the market as many types of surfaces (metals, wood, cement, brick, glass, marble etc.) are cleaned and prepared for further treatments by blasting: priming, painting, varnishing, texturing. Also, blasting operations are carried out in many activity sectors, with a great extent either in B2B sector (business to business – for customers engaged in industrial activities, legal entities) or in B2C sector (business to consumer – for domestic clients).

Blasting services are addressed to a large audience, with many potential customers:

  1. In the energy sector and also in the oil and gas industry you can provide blasting services during regular maintenance activities carried out in oil refineries, power plants, hydroelectric plants, like maintaining and cleaning tanks, turbines, metallic parts, pipelines;
  2. Many blasting operations are also carried out in car services for restoring rim appearance, cleaning rust and old layers of paint from car bodies, cleaning and degreasing engines or other car parts, tools and also, for restoration of classic cars;
  3. In food industry blasting is used to clean the food tanks, other stainless steel containers, pipelines and for maintaining concrete floors;
  4. In wood carpentry and glass industry blasting operations are used for surface polishing and texturing ornamental patterns;
  5. In agriculture blasting is of major importance for maintaining agricultural machinery, metal tanks and other parts;
  6. For domestic clients, blasting has many applications for restoring building facades, cleaning paved alleys, wood or brick fences and garden furniture.

GritSablare is a market leader in providing blasting materials and equipment in Romania. Wishing to contribute to the development of the blasting sector in industry, GritSablare supports the establishment and development of start-ups in blasting field with an attractive package of advantages that include personalized payment terms, extensive due dates and hire purchase with no interest instalment plans for the blasting materials and equipment acquired, and also providing access to all the know-how and cutting edge technologies that are now available on markets for blasting operations.

Our company has more than 3500 tonnes of blasting media in stock: premium quality blasting materials with controlled origin, non-toxic (less than 0.1% free silica content in the breathing air) and ecologic, of different types (premium angular steel grit, premium steel shots, stainless steel grit, stainless steel cut-wire shots, premium mix of steel grit and steel shots, white fused aluminium oxide, brown fused aluminium oxide, red garnet for blasting, red garnet for water jet cutting, glass beads, copper slag), that are available in multiple sizes and being recommended for specific applications (outdoor blasting, indoor blasting, blasting with no ferrous contamination, fast and aggressive blasting applications for granite and steel, fine blasting applications for laboratory instruments). Further, our company provides also foundry materials, like sodium bentonite and purified graphite.

GritSablare also provide a dedicated line for professional blasting equipment, at the highest quality standards and technologies: portable blasting machines for outdoor, blast cabinets, blast rooms multi-user blast installation, automatic wheel blast machines, vacuum blasting installations, micro-blasting devices, dust filters for blasting, blasting protection equipment, accessories and consumables.

A start-up under the aegis of GritSablare means access to innovation in blasting field, both in terms of the quality of the blasting equipment that is provided, but also in terms of the efficiency of the blasting materials that are used. Why wasting your time and money by purchasing expensive equipment of questionable quality and hazardous blasting materials (such as quartz sand), when you can buy high quality products, by paying in instalments over a year, with no additional costs. For a long-term partnership, have a good start-up!

We provide first-class quality products, build long term relationships and develop strong connections with our clients


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