How to Choose the Best Supplier of Blasting Materials and Equipment

GritSablare best supplier for blasting materials

Companies operating mainly in the industrial sectors face multiple challenges to maintain manufacturing lines and service divisions in continuous operation, without delays in the work flow caused mainly by gaps in supplying materials and equipment, in order to meet their objectives: an optimum deliver of the products and services ordered by their clients.

The most profitable businesses and with potential for growth are those developed on a less exploited market niche, where there is still room and the competition is not that fierce. A simple and effective start-up idea is to establish a blasting workshop. Blasting is a highly demanded service on the market as many types of surfaces (metals, wood, cement, brick, glass, marble etc.) are cleaned and prepared for further treatments by blasting: priming, painting, varnishing, texturing. Also, blasting operations are carried out in many activity sectors, with a great extent either in B2B sector (business to business – for customers engaged in industrial activities, legal entities) or in B2C sector (business to consumer – for domestic clients).

Blasting ensures a proper preparation of surfaces for subsequent treatments, being essentially an intermediate step, but with a decisive role in multiple applications, considering also that many industrial processes are depending on its effectiveness: removing mill scale on new metallic surfaces for further coatings (primers, paints, varnishes), cleaning old layers of paint and rust on metallic surfaces (oil tanks in oil and gas industry, bridges, maritime vessels, shipyards, civil engineering), shot peening of metallic surface to increase strength resistance and to reduce wear.

With a wide spectrum of industrial applications, blasting reaches a maximum efficiency level when is carried out with specialized materials depending on the type of surface that needs to be prepared (ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals – stainless steel, aluminium, copper – where no ferrous contamination is allowed, granite, stone, concrete, wood, glass, brick walls), considering also the place where the operations are carried (outdoor blasting where agent recovery is difficult or even impossible, or indoor blasting, in blasting cabinets or chambers, where agent reusable rate is considered).

To continuously match the necessary inputs of blasting materials required, no matter the complexity of works, companies must identify the suppliers that can provide the required blasting materials, regardless of their sizes and quantity, in a timely manner: angular steel grit, steel shots, stainless steel grit, stainless steel cut-wire shots, white fused aluminium oxide, brown fused aluminium oxide, copper slag, red garnet.

At the moment, on the market, there are three types of blasting materials suppliers:

  • The big retail companies that sell products and equipment for all types of applications, in any sector: constructions, metal working, wood carpentry, bricolage. In this case, the available products are cheap and of low quality, and about 99% are in the “Do It Yourself!” range.
  • The companies that operate in a particular industry area, which provide products for all the application in the range of that sector. In fact, these companies are only intermediaries of the companies that are really specialized in these sectors, while selling their products at higher prices. Further, they do not have physical stocks for every type of material, shipping time being significantly higher. As they are not specialized, these companies have no logistics and cannot provide support for every situation that may occur in real and complex industrial processes.
  • The specialized companies on blasting equipment and materials. Generally, these companies are sole distributors for the blasting materials and equipment they are selling, being truly dedicated to find the latest technologies in blasting by continuously prospecting the market and by participating in dedicated exhibition fairs around the world. Also, these companies are investing in professional blasting materials and equipment, considering every type of blasting application that is needed and offering maximum efficiency in every operation. Being the first hand in the market and having multiple significant physical stocks of every type of blasting material, these companies can afford to offer the best quality – price ratio, with fastest delivery times for all the purchase orders enquired.

GritSablare is a specialized company in blasting field and the leader on blasting market in Romania and South-East Europe. The company provides its clients the widest range of professional blasting materials, of high quality, for every type of blasting application. With more than 3500 tonnes of blasting materials in stock, GritSablare can deliver the required blasting materials in any corner of the world. Also, along with the blasting materials offer, GritSablare is selling professional indoor and outdoor blasting equipment (blasting chambers, blasting cabinets, micro-blasting devices, outdoor blasting installations, dust filters), consumables, accessories and blasting protection equipment. Moreover, GritSablare supports its clients with personalized acquisition programs and no interest instalment plans for the blasting materials and equipment acquired, which also benefits of buy-back options.

Although a large number of entrepreneurs are looking for the cheapest options for blasting materials and equipment to save money, this view proves to be deficient as generates higher costs with materials and equipment on long term. Unlike cheap blasting materials, professional blasting materials are ecologic, non-toxic and with high reusable rates (over 1100 blasting operating cycles for premium angular steel grit, over 3000 blasting operating cycles for premium steel shots, over 800 blasting operating cycles for stainless steel grit, materials that are provided by GritSablare). Moreover, being a specialized company in blasting field, GritSablare possesses a vast know-how in this respect and can provide cutting edge technologies for every type of blasting application, including solutions for foundry and drilling materials, like: PREMIUM Bentonite, origin of Argentina, high purity of 99.9%, SUPER-BOND Bentonite, origin of India, and purified graphite for foundry, materials that are recommended for casting molding mixtures, drilling fluids preparation, oil refinery, groundwater barrier, slurry walls in modern construction, electrical grounding sealing, in pottery to make the clay mixture more plastic, for decolorizing various mineral, vegetable, and animal oils, for clarifying wine, liquor, cider, beer, mead, and vinegar. Thus, a long-term collaboration with a specialized company in blasting field reduces the time of solving problems, being a real advantage in terms of money and time, which GritSablare also aims to achieve with its customers and partners.

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