Blasting Mobile Exterior Installations: Uses and Features

Professional Blasting Installations

Blasting installations are of real help when it comes of multiple industrial works of small and large size. A mobile blasting installation provides the greatest flexibility to carry out many surface preparation works for metal parts, like: preparing surface for primer application, removing old layers of paint and dirt, cleaning rust and debris, a major advantage of these mobile equipments being the fact that the operations are carried out directly on the working site, without moving the parts from their initial place.

The utility of a blasting installation lays in the efficiency and the versatility of such an equipment that can be used for preparation of many types of surfaces: metal, bricks, concrete, natural stone, granite, glass and by using many types of blasting media: angular blasting grit, red garnet, white or brown fused aluminium.

The mobile blasting installations are recommended for almost any type of metal surface preparation, like: cleaning rust and corrosion effects from the oil tanks, pipe and pipelines (both inside and outside), maritime vessels, bridges, metal structures in oil and gas industry, oil marine platforms and refineries, energy and hydro energy plants.

At the present moment, the mobile blasting installations provide the advantage of not producing dust while operating, therefore these equipments can be safely used both outdoor and also indoor (workshops). For example, in case of a car service, the mobile blasting installations can be successfully used for removing old layers of paint from car bodies, but also for cleaning a wide range of car parts and tools.

The mobile blasting installations are also used for a wide range of building and restoration works, for cleaning building facades, stone or brick walls, historical monuments, for cleaning and restoring concrete terraces, stone alleys, interiors of pools. It can also restore any elements of outdoor furniture, both of reinforced steel or wood, like garden gazebos, jardinières and other decorative elements.

There are several types of mobile blasting installations with different features and choosing the right one for your works requires a special attention. Mainly, the blasting installations are of two types: injection type siphon blaster, and injection blasting installation with pressure pot.

The siphon blaster has the great disadvantage that it cannot be precisely controlled during the operations as it has no adjustable media consumption. Such an installation has the blasting gun connected simultaneous at two hoses, one for the compressed air and one which delivers the blasting media which is sucked up from the media tank under the action of the compressed air.

The pressure blaster is a professional installation which provides a great control during the blasting operations as the media consumption is adjustable. An adjustable media consumption allows carrying complex blasting works, on small and large scale; it also allows creating patterns or cleaning away devitrification on glass surfaces. These installations use smaller nozzles and a lower volume of compressed air.

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