Longer Life Periods for Maritime Vessels

Longer Life Periods for Maritime Vessels

Blasting considerably increases the life periods of maritime vessels! This is a very important aspect, especially if we are talking about ships the size of Emma Maersk, that generate enormous losses when they are out of service.

Measuring 400 m in length and comprising enough steel to build 8 Eiffel Towers, Emma Maersk Triple E is the largest transport vessel in the world.

Being intensively used to transport impressive quantities of merchandise, it is essential for the giant ship to be constantly kept functional. That’s why, special attention is given to protecting the ship’s metallic surfaces against corrosion.

The effectiveness of the protective layers applied depends equally on their quality and on the optimal cleaning of the surfaces before their application.

An efficient cleaning can be done by abrasive grit blasting before treating the metalling elements against corrosion. Following this process, the metallic surface will have a very good adherence, thus guaranteeing the success of the protection treatments used.

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